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Holly Crap,

I've just had a quick play and this game is awesome. It even has transmission by Joy Division playing as the background audio track (I didn't read the description before playing, I never do lol) in it although I'm a little worried about doing a video due to copyright violation.

Shall I do a video and swap the audio track for you guys or shall I ask Peter Hook (he is in my twitter friends list) what he thinks although I suspect that the track is most likely owned by factory records.

Top notch



Best off replacing the music. Even if the creator of the music is fine with you using it, the right's holders usually don't bother - and you'll get automatically content ID's on Youtube, or VOD muted on Twitch,


I thought so as well.

Thanks for getting back to me and good luck.

but how do you replace the music? (the in game Music)

kinda complicated.

You'd first have to extract the .exe itself, and then use a method of extracting the file, and repacking it sans-music.

hey! that's a good question. Never thought about it. I saw someone gave you an answer, I guess that's the best way to go about it.

(thanks, happy you enjoyed it)