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thanks man! if you liked this maybe ud like our game Post Void (on steam) kinda same vibe but you can strafe! and the music is more fitting and it's in full technicolor. ;) Cheers J n C

It was cool, especially the multi camera sequence (that was particularly inspiring), the church part and all the area title cards. It just oozed style! And adding live action worked so well. but I dunno, I'm not a fan of the story being told through notes. It takes me out of the world and ruins the pacing. It's the equivalent of a silent movies having to write out the conversations. It's not optimal. And there, the best silent movies I've seen had as few text cards as possible. I also thought your voice over was great, shame it wasn't more prevalent. Lastly, this is a super small thing, but it just bothered me; in all the menus and text logs the grain animation pauses. Anyway, I look forward to any future work you release. Cheers /J 

no idea but it looks like it's a bit older. Bananaboy exits you.

you don't have to fight them

sorry to hear that. I can't find a newer DRM free version to upload unfortunately. :( I actually can't even find any of the game graphics/soundfx that I made for it either - like I've lost the entire folder.

yeah that could definitely be it. I remember us having some trouble with the mac build back then. Had a friend help us.

hmm not sure how macs work exactly but maybe you have to pull the whole folder into your app folder? to "install" it? It could also have to do with what OS you're using since it's a 4 year old game. /J

You just have to unzip the rar file like Kohi said and then play the exe file :)

Thanks! ^^

Hi we'd like to add our game The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human to this bundle. I had no idea about this bundle until recently, so I understand if it's a bit late.

new one should work :) 

Oh no! Yeah, I just tried it myself and it didn't work for me either. Wonder what happened. It worked before. I'm uploading a new build now.

awesome! thanks ^^

Yea, if you're in the US it's out on Switch already, for Australia and Europe it'll be out on the 22nd of Oct.

Haha Thanks Schmidt. Glad you think so :)

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You guys killed it! Such a sick game. I'm glad someone is still making games like this. It's really inspiring; not too long, highly stylized, a lot of passion put into it. Gonna be recommending it to friends for sure :) /J

haha this is awesome

we might... Ooohhh hooow we might! We might so much that maybe we will! But with so much will and so much might we could get crushed under our own weight. We wouldn't want that. No. Not that. But we might!

Thanks :) 

Thanks :) yeah you'll be able to collect coins from villagers and use them to unlock apostels. To unlock new minions you'll have to do certain tasks. A cursor for the center of the swarm will be in the options as toggle-able. 

Hey thanks so much for your feedback. We're for sure gonna try and make the horde of minions feel better as the development goes along. At the moment we're focusing on making more levels, the UI, and the real bosses ;) . Glad to hear you liked it.

Yeah we're gonna add an option for that (that's how we had it at first but made it invisible until we have the option set up). We'll also buff up the tutorial so one is really prepared and understands how the swarming "ai" works. 

Hey! Thanks :D

Hey! Thanks so much for the video! Yeah we're gonna make the tutorial a lot better so one gets a better understanding of how the minions function and how the "ai" works. It's generally quite bad to rush from one concentrated battle to the next immediately, instead gathering up and then doing a hard hitting push - later on when the levels get really hard it's super important. Minion selection pauses now and if you don't hold attack minions will actively avoid fire (we'll probably put something about that in the tutorial also) ;) 

All the best. Y/CJ/Y

Thanks dude! 

We hope the Kickstarter target gets smashed too - especially since we really need it! 

yeah we were messing around a bunch with the controls trying to just make it fast and kind of wild. We changed the field of view which affected the sensitivity of looking left and right. I'd say it's a bit too sensitive now (and has no acceleration on it) but it somewhat adds to the strangeness of the whole thing. :P 

Glad you liked it tho. If we ever make another doom-like, and spend more than 2 days on it, we'll make the controls super tight. 


hey! that's a good question. Never thought about it. I saw someone gave you an answer, I guess that's the best way to go about it.

(thanks, happy you enjoyed it)

no not at all that's awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

In golden letters ornamented with sweet labours of Love
Waiting with Patience for the fulfillment of the Promise Divine

it's on android now! :)

killer presentation 

we got the global high score working! but last weekend we made another game jam game that we thought was really fun so we've been working on that XD (hard to stay focused) but ye it's all pretty much done. we'll try n get it all ready asap.


thanks! yeah for sure. we made the build for an arcade cabinet so no pause menu was needed.

We'll def try to get a global high score list. That'd be really fun.


We're gonna put some more work into it and try to release it on android for free :)