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The game was really entertaining. It was short but sweet, had some interesting story that anyone could get behind, and had me really invested in my friend The Process.

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! 😊
And thanks for the video too!


No problem, it was a fantastic game! Short, sweet, right to the point, and very entertaining! Thanks for making it!

your video preview was hilarious. you've got great entertaining qualities that'll make any game  fun and exciting to watch.  i might have to check this game out, it reminds me of an old school type game from back in the day haha i love it, and btw i'll be visiting your youtube and hitting you up with sub :)  from -"gamers therapy unit" 

Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed the game, it's definitely a must-play. Short, simple, but fun. Hope to see you around on my channel someday