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Truly eerie and entertaining. I would love to play more of this game when it comes out so I'll make sure to stay up to date! Great idea you have here, it's VERRRRY spooky~!

Fun game, very entertaining however there isn't as much as I'd like to do in the game.

This game is VERY entertaining and I'd LOVE to see more come out of it. I give it an 11/10 on YELP.

Okay, cool! I might finish the first chapter in that video as well just so I don't miss anything anyways. Thanks for letting me know, can't wait to play chapter 2!

Oh dang! Guess I'm just dumb then... say, how much more to the game is there? If there's loads more I would like to make a 2nd video but if that's pretty much the end then I might just keep that one video.

What a terrifying and amazing game! Though I wish that bug would be fixed because I'd love to play more... :'(

Parkour never looked so good! Hoping to play more if the future yields more gameplay.

No problem! Hoping to play more of your games soon!

Amazingly fun game! Really silly, interesting, and  cute. Did really well on those 80's vibes as well.