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A Walk In The Park

Your friend invites you on a hike. Fresh air, trees, hills, river, it might help. You doubt it, might. · By TheUpturnedSheep

Great Game With a Very Unique Idea

A topic by Camscam created Feb 08, 2018 Views: 275 Replies: 3
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Still not sure what to make of this game, it is highly entertaining and left me with more questions than answers. A really thought-provoking game if you ask me.


Hi Camscam, so glad you enjoyed it...or maybe "enjoy" isn't quite the right word :) You were definitely on the right track with what's going on. If you really want to know the details (spoiler alert) then go to the game website and read The Real Story. . Thanks for playing and for making the video.

This is absolute, utter insanity and I love it! I wasn't too far off of the truth, one of the only things that my brain didn't piece together was the fact that it was all in a state of hypnosis and that everyone was just a personality. I even said that, quite possibly, the character had DID however I still  didn't piece together that the ones that the story was formed around actually just alternate personalities! I could tell that something was wrong, I (sort of) figured out that the statues represented the death of Taylor, I knew things weren't as they seemed, but I just couldn't grasp that concept when playing.

It's a great game with a very unique idea, just like I said. It has substance, it makes the player think, and it's an experience to be had as well. These are the kinds of games that really peak my interest. Games that, on the outside, look like what is advertised, but once you start playing it there's a completely different story altogether.  You did a wonderful job with this, I can't give you enough praise.


Very kind words, thank you Camscam. The next game is on it's way and is far more ridiculous than A Walk In The Park but it's slow going. I went and got myself a proper job which is eating into my game dev time, life is so unfair :)