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Very kind words, thank you Camscam. The next game is on it's way and is far more ridiculous than A Walk In The Park but it's slow going. I went and got myself a proper job which is eating into my game dev time, life is so unfair :)

Hi Camscam, so glad you enjoyed it...or maybe "enjoy" isn't quite the right word :) You were definitely on the right track with what's going on. If you really want to know the details (spoiler alert) then go to the game website and read The Real Story. . Thanks for playing and for making the video.

Just went back and paid for this game coz I enjoyed it so much. Would be nice if provided a way to link back to a payment page from our games.

Is it me or are short, fun, well written games that you can finish in an evening so much more satisfying than massive, open world, 200 hour AAA monsters?

Wow @Katy133. Loved this little journey. Funny and slightly unsettling, just my cup of tea.  I wanted to add more humour to my game but it just didn't fit, so the next game is gonna be hilarious... ;-) Keep up the good work!

Nice atmosphere and by nice I mean good, rich and engaging.  I enjoyed playing this and wanted more. The story and the game was just getting started when it ended. Please make more ;-)

Hi All, if you'd like a 40 minute wander through a pretty park, for free, go here

"A Walk In The Park" is a short, first person, story-based experience often referred to as a walking simulator (Grrr). There's nice scenery, original music and the sun's shining. All is right with the world, how lovely. So why do you start to feel a little uneasy? What's really going on?

It''s my first proper game and feedback is very welcome.

So much great feedback and so many kind words, thanks to everyone who's played the game and talked about it. I'm going to tweak a few more things based on that feedback and release an update soon. I've also created builds for Mac and Linux but don't have the machines to test them on...any volunteers? :)

Hi Michael, thanks for making the vid and for the kind words. This is my first game so it's nice to find someone who likes it. Walking Sims aren't everybody's cup of tea. Watching somebody play it also provides great feedback, to help me make it better. Thanks again!