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seems like a pretty neat game,  good gameplay, enjoyed it as always :)

love the anticipated face of impending doom you put out haha i would too.   "I forgot how to hands!"  XD   I find this game interesting & have seen a few videos between now and couple years ago or so, & almost nobody pointed out the bloody screw driver or shirt which makes me wonder how the boy died lol that seems like an awful thing to keep in the car !!  BTW the medicine is Klonopin   lol i have extreme general & social anxiety. there is NO way i could handle this situation in real life much less be focused enough to follow directions & the last thing i would want to try is shutting off electrical yet at same time i would def want to attempt to gtfo of that situation lol it's pretty much a mental nightmare this game.   great video & great intro

*end game? screenshot attached*

played Sara is missing on my phone for a more realistic gameplay. However the end conversation with Irizu & having to choose between 2, he gives you 10 seconds, yet I didn't choose within this time frame & it picked for me, now It isn't progressing any further so I don't know if the game is over or if there's something else I need to do, I cannot go back, reply etc. I'm stuck. Am I missing something? BTW its a great game. Very much enjoyed. 😊 

your video preview was hilarious. you've got great entertaining qualities that'll make any game  fun and exciting to watch.  i might have to check this game out, it reminds me of an old school type game from back in the day haha i love it, and btw i'll be visiting your youtube and hitting you up with sub :)  from -"gamers therapy unit" 

after watching many of the videos here, the game looks very well done! too bad not yet in English but in my opinion, language is universal & i think with enough attention things would make sense as you go.. (you can always attempt to translate as you go on the side until there is updated language availability) however I love to watching horror foreign  &  indi films  with subtitles in another language while their speaking the same language & i start to pick up whats going on whether or not i fully understand what is being said/ or written in text.    seemingly great atmosphere and build up. there's def a cool story going on.  just cant understand it yet LOL  I have to play this. I'll be back with my thoughts soon enough :)  aside. bravo  to the Devs! great work

i have yet to play sara is missing & i plan on doing just that.  if you have not yet tried Simulacra, it is a great game and extremely creepy on a psychological level. dont think i ever had been so terrified at one stupid thing that i didn't expect to the point where i didn't want to move from my chair LOL took me a good 10 minutes to continue the game..  def pick up simulacra!! highly recommenced and dont rush it either,  you'll want the full effect of all it has to offer :)  I hear "Sara is missing" is very similar to Simulacra.  so im highly interested in this one