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Nice! You're welcome!

Just played a bit more of the game. Now I on the Old Dungeon Floor #2 (took about one hour and a half). Also, now I can craft items and buy/sell bronze without problem. However, found more bugs I guess and have some sugestions as well:

  • To craft the Copper Sword, it takes no copper, only wood;
  • In my opinion, as soon as the player gains the option to craft equipment, he should already be able to equip it or sell it or view a inventory with them, like the other resources. When I started crafting the weapons, I wasn't sure if they were being automatically equipped, and did not know how many I had of each;
  • Anyway, when I got the Party upgrade, I was able to equip a armour fine, but I could not use any weapon with the farmer (the starting character/ the player character). Maybe a skill related issue? Tried the following weapons:
    • --Swords--
       Wooden sword (17 owned)
       Copper sword (75 owned) (yeah, crafted a bunch of these to be sure that they did not need copper.)
    • --Staves--
       Wooden staff (1 owned)
    • --Ranged--
       Crossbow (1 owned)
    • --Daggers--
       Wooden knife (1 owned)
       Rusted knife (1 owned)
  • Also, I could not hire anyone. I guess I had to pay them, but I could not find the price (tried to hire with about 1000 copper pieces and 10 bronze pieces). The other buttons (reroll/another/reject) worked fine.

It was nice to see some fixes so fast! I think I will continue to keep checking and providing feedback on future updates, if you don't mind.

Thanks, that's valuable help. I didn't know anyone to playtest the game, so this is really useful. 

Hopefully those bugs are fixed now! You were definitely correct re: equipment. I was testing the game I realised it was odd to not be able to equip stuff yet. (I should also add a msg "You crafted a sword, it has been placed in storage" or something to also make that clearer. 

I couldn't figure out hiring bug, though... THAT one is weird. On my local copy of the game, you can hire no problem. But I played through it on Itch and I couldn't hire anyone either (even though it was the exact same version).. very weird. Since it works locally I can't use the debugger unfortunately --- and then it magically started working again for no apparent reason... Hopefully it works on your end too!

If all else fails, a Hard Reset (from the settings menu) often fixes the weirder problems, usually stemming from a change to the objects structures. But that means losing all your hard work progress fighting all those skeletons! I've been trying to avoid resorting to that, but could be a last resort. 

You are absolutely welcome to check back and provide any feedback or input, here in this post or on the game page/comments  Really helps!! Thanks again for putting up with the bugs!