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Thank you so much, this is excellent useful feedback! 

Those bugs should definitely not be happening - coins shouldn't have been showing minus signs, and I could craft equipment last time I played. All you need to do is click on the item name.

Luckily I was easily able to replicate and thus fix the bugs. Crafting was easy fix - my last update added a skill check (some items have higher skill req.), but it failed if you have not yet learnt the skill at all (from trying to craft something at least once).  The coin trading was completely borked up somehow, the code there is particularly messy - will need to do a complete rewrite later... but for now it seems to work again! I tested trades in all directions with 1/10 at a time and seemed to all add up. 

The city-building idea isn't in the game yet, sadly, currently there's a small bunch of upgrades for the farm. However, I've definitely still go plans to flesh that side out more soon!

Edit: Had a quick look and the shin megami tensei battle system does look  quite interesting. Looking forward to watching some videos  on it more in-depth later, thanks for the tip!

Nice! You're welcome!

Just played a bit more of the game. Now I on the Old Dungeon Floor #2 (took about one hour and a half). Also, now I can craft items and buy/sell bronze without problem. However, found more bugs I guess and have some sugestions as well:

  • To craft the Copper Sword, it takes no copper, only wood;
  • In my opinion, as soon as the player gains the option to craft equipment, he should already be able to equip it or sell it or view a inventory with them, like the other resources. When I started crafting the weapons, I wasn't sure if they were being automatically equipped, and did not know how many I had of each;
  • Anyway, when I got the Party upgrade, I was able to equip a armour fine, but I could not use any weapon with the farmer (the starting character/ the player character). Maybe a skill related issue? Tried the following weapons:
    • --Swords--
       Wooden sword (17 owned)
       Copper sword (75 owned) (yeah, crafted a bunch of these to be sure that they did not need copper.)
    • --Staves--
       Wooden staff (1 owned)
    • --Ranged--
       Crossbow (1 owned)
    • --Daggers--
       Wooden knife (1 owned)
       Rusted knife (1 owned)
  • Also, I could not hire anyone. I guess I had to pay them, but I could not find the price (tried to hire with about 1000 copper pieces and 10 bronze pieces). The other buttons (reroll/another/reject) worked fine.

It was nice to see some fixes so fast! I think I will continue to keep checking and providing feedback on future updates, if you don't mind.

Thanks, that's valuable help. I didn't know anyone to playtest the game, so this is really useful. 

Hopefully those bugs are fixed now! You were definitely correct re: equipment. I was testing the game I realised it was odd to not be able to equip stuff yet. (I should also add a msg "You crafted a sword, it has been placed in storage" or something to also make that clearer. 

I couldn't figure out hiring bug, though... THAT one is weird. On my local copy of the game, you can hire no problem. But I played through it on Itch and I couldn't hire anyone either (even though it was the exact same version).. very weird. Since it works locally I can't use the debugger unfortunately --- and then it magically started working again for no apparent reason... Hopefully it works on your end too!

If all else fails, a Hard Reset (from the settings menu) often fixes the weirder problems, usually stemming from a change to the objects structures. But that means losing all your hard work progress fighting all those skeletons! I've been trying to avoid resorting to that, but could be a last resort. 

You are absolutely welcome to check back and provide any feedback or input, here in this post or on the game page/comments  Really helps!! Thanks again for putting up with the bugs!