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I think there's a bug in C64 palette. It generates additional grey tone, just slightly lighter then the darkest grey.  And It desn;t seem to utilise the violet color at all.  Even when I import an image that is already in that palette all violet color is converted to blue.

Mmm, weird, i will took a look to that, thanks for the report.

I'm also having problems with exporting images. Both 132 nd 135 versions. 132 exports cropped image and 135 scales it down and displays on top left corner on the bitmap... I tried reinstalling and using different settings. Nothing helps.

Hi! Working on a update that should allow export any kind of size, even 4k. Hope to release soon! Also with a much better UI.

Great news!

Is this export size a feature coming soon? Thanks.

The new version with the new UI able to export in big sizes was released months ago. Chech demos 1.56 to see the new interface,etc...