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Is this export size a feature coming soon? Thanks.

Also is there a link to the palettes used in the dropdowns? That would be very handy.

Hi :) I simply adore your PixaTool app. It's fantastic. I wonder, is there formal documentation anywhere besides the tutorials on YouTube and in here? Are there hot keys for the app besides those listed for H]ide, and F]ullcreen?

Many thanks for this awesomeness. <3

This is the coolest thing I've seen since TheDraw 4.63 for DOS :)

thanks :)

Point 2 Yep. Exactly it creates a colour ramp. Starting at the first and ramping to the second. In this way you can be guaranteed a good in between colour. :)

A few more inspiring moments to share with the developer:


Forgot to mention, it's inspired by this original work:

I drew this:

Actual size:

This tool will turn anyone into a pixel artist, but also help aspiring artists become much better at pixel art simply because it's immediate, simple, gorgeously designed, and the premise - tracing paper on anything, in pixel mode with snap to ratio of perfect pixels, is perfect.

Few wishes for the developer:

1. Please let the pipette color picker pick THROUGH the frame somehow. (significant productivity increase would have happened here, but I also like how it forced me to really work for the colors :))

2. If you could provide some kind of color mixer, between two sample colors, that would be awesome.

3. Would love to see palette support or swatches support of some kind - so we could use that palette to practice our artwork on different subject matter.


Excellent tunes man. Love the covers in chiptune style. Keep up the great work :) Followed you on Soundcloud. Which trackers do you use if any?