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Paint of Persia

Paint of Persia is a rotoscoping pixel-art tool · By dunin

Fantastic! Simple, inspiring, and immediately useful.

A topic by grymmjack created Sep 01, 2016 Views: 452 Replies: 4
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I drew this:

Actual size:

This tool will turn anyone into a pixel artist, but also help aspiring artists become much better at pixel art simply because it's immediate, simple, gorgeously designed, and the premise - tracing paper on anything, in pixel mode with snap to ratio of perfect pixels, is perfect.

Few wishes for the developer:

1. Please let the pipette color picker pick THROUGH the frame somehow. (significant productivity increase would have happened here, but I also like how it forced me to really work for the colors :))

2. If you could provide some kind of color mixer, between two sample colors, that would be awesome.

3. Would love to see palette support or swatches support of some kind - so we could use that palette to practice our artwork on different subject matter.


Forgot to mention, it's inspired by this original work:

A few more inspiring moments to share with the developer:



Hey, thanks to share your work! It's nice to see people using it!

The points 1 and 3 are in fact in the tool (but must be perfect):

- with a right-click on pipette, you can activate the "click through" (it's hidden, because it's in test)

- the matches are avaible by clicking on the arrow on the bottom left of the color window (maybe this is not sufficiently visible...)

For the point 2, I'm not sure to understand (I never used this type of feature..): you select two colors and the program give you the median color between this two colors, that's it?

thanks :)

Point 2 Yep. Exactly it creates a colour ramp. Starting at the first and ramping to the second. In this way you can be guaranteed a good in between colour. :)