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If you pick an item from the inventory and want to get rid of it again, just use the right mouse button.

Rotating the sign also needs the right mouse button. Unfortunately, none of us has a Mac, but I remember Mac mouses/mice(?) having only one button back in the days (don't know, if that still applies today). May this be your problem with the game?

You defenitely need both buttons to play IMAGinE. Right mouse button is "Looking at things".

yep, that's it.  Macs have a "right button" function, but it's all integrated into one area that you press.  too bad, cus Mac users can't play your games :( 

I don't think that's correct.

First of all, there are two button mice for Macs, too, so it's not a general Mac problem. And even with the single-button mouse, you should be able to right-click in our games. From what I have researched, Ctrl+click is a substitute for right click. And if you own a "Magic Mouse" you should be able to right click just like you would do with a two-button mouse (if configured correctly). I asked someone who also works with the game engine we used - he had never had any problems with his Magic Mouse.

Right mouse click functions are very common in games, I believe.

straight-up magic mouse doesn't work in your games, unfortunately, and right-click isn't very common in point-and-click games.  Ctrl+click works, but my game didn't save (although I did click the save button), so not going back to it, but will keep this in mind for future.  thanks for getting back to me :) 

cherepaxa: It's not really accurate to say that a Magic Mouse won't work for this game; I just played it with a Magic Mouse. In the Mouse pane of System Preferences, you can assign the right side of the mouse to be right-click ("secondary click").

That said, I agree that there should be an alternative to right-click (perhaps Ctrl-click, which is _not_ an automatic substitute on Mac OS for right-click AFAIK), for reasons of accessibility.