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Great game idea, but the aiming mechanic is a little fussy and I'm not sure why we needed to have a limited number of lives (maybe checkpoints would be a good idea?).

It did! (Chrome 101 on Mac OS.)

This time the browser version loaded!

I'd love to play this, but all I'm seeing is "the developer has not uploaded a game yet".

Great game, but not everyone has 3-button mice, so you may want to think about providing an alternative to middle-clicking.

Clever idea, but unfortunately the text is *tiny* (Chrome 100, Mac OS).

...however, though this is minor by comparison, it would be nice to visually distinguish movable arrows from fixed ones. Anyway, excellent game!

This is a type of game I like in general, but I especially like your UI decision to show both paths when there's an object that may not be there. That's a really nice way of presenting something that could otherwise have been very tedious.

I love the idea here, but the type is too small, the phrase tables seem to be cut off by the edge of the canvas, and this is overall too buggy to be playable in Chrome 100. When the display bugs are fixed, I would *love* to play this!

Great game, but some mice don't allow left and right buttons to be used simultaneously. Perhaps add X and Z (or something) as alternatives to the mouse buttons?

I can see the map in Chrome.

Beautifully done! Great mechanic, level design, and graphic style.

Unfortunately I can't; I don't use Windows.

Nice, but needs a "restart level" key.

Nice level design, but jumps are too fussy.

Excellent. Clever mechanic, good puzzle design. I do wish I could see more of the level at once, or at least pan the camera.

Excellent. Clever mechanic, good puzzle design. I do wish I could see more of the level at once, or at least pan the camera.

Very nice! I really enjoyed playing this. The mechanic was unusual, fun, and challenging but not horribly difficult.

Clever and fun!

Fantastic. Beautiful graphics, great puzzle design.

Seems to work fine on Chrome 96.

Small English usage note: the phrase is "work in progress", not "working progress".

Doesn't load properly on Safari 14/Mac OS 11 (Big Sur).

cherepaxa: It's not really accurate to say that a Magic Mouse won't work for this game; I just played it with a Magic Mouse. In the Mouse pane of System Preferences, you can assign the right side of the mouse to be right-click ("secondary click").

That said, I agree that there should be an alternative to right-click (perhaps Ctrl-click, which is _not_ an automatic substitute on Mac OS for right-click AFAIK), for reasons of accessibility.

New solution for B13: