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Great concept. It could use an "undo last move" key.

Lovely! Great mechanic, fun puzzles.

I just wish it had an undo command and cute meow sounds.

I *love* the idea, but the jumps need a little too much precision for this to be fun to play.

Great concept, but it might work better with keyboard options available for the switches too.

Since all the switches need to be on all the time, why have them rather than just making them continuous wire?

Nice! I'd love to see a complete game.

Very nice concept, puzzle design, and graphics! The game itself seems to be a little bit of a processor hog in the browser version, but I really enjoyed playing it.

Very nice. What is the music? I recognize it but can't quite place it. (I'm a classical pianist...)

If you do more work on this, I might recommend adding a display of which number chooses which monster.

That's extremely technically impressive.

This is great. A UI suggestion, though: it would be nice to be able to swap tiles by clicking on both in succession, not only by dragging.

Web version doesn't appear to get past the opening screen (Chrome 115 on Mac).

Ooh, I like the concept. Looking forward to the rest

Slight bug: the iframe isn't properly sized in Chrome on Mac OS, and there's no way to run the game in full-screen mode.

Unfortunately, unlike part 1, the controls don't work after interacting with a book until you hit Esc again.

It might not have been your problem after all. It worked well on a later run.

Cool concept, but performance is so bad as to make the game unplayable (Chrome 114 on Mac OS).

Looking forward to the complete version!

Well done! This is great.

It's possible to paint yourself into a corner and not be able to either die or fix the level. Perhaps there should be a "reset level" key that doesn't depend on dying?

Great puzzle design!

Excellent. Great concept, great puzzle design, great hint engine. I'd give 5 stars if I could rate for the jam.

Very nice. "Rush Hour" puzzles on hard mode!

The click spots don't really match the picture (Chrome 112 on Mac OS).

Interesting concept. A "reset level" feature would be handy, though.

Seems to consistently lock up on the third level or so.

The main game text. Not the pigeonholes, but virtually any sentence of instructional text.

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I don't want to tell you how to maintain your own project, but I'm probably not the only person who's far more likely to play Web games than downloadable ones. :)

I'll try to give this a shot regardless, though. The concept is interesting.

Text is unreadably small in Chrome on Mac OS.

I get the following error in Chrome on Mac OS:

Unable to parse Build/! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug.

Thank you! Seems to load but never get past the Godot splash screen, unfortunately.

This is fantastic! I'd love to see you take it further. By the way, it works just fine in Chrome on Mac OS.

One possible refinement: a keystroke (perhaps up-arrow) to type the last attempt again.

Fails in Chrome 110 on Mac OS with "WebGL context lost" message.

How does the rotation mechanic work? I can't quite figure it out.

This is excellent.

It was, and I couldn't get it out of pause mode except by leaving full-screen mode.

Neat game, but it behaves strangely in full-screen mode in Chrome 108 on Mac OS (it seems to think it's paused).

Fun idea, but unfortunately the space bar sometimes doesn't register for jumps (Chrome 108 on Mac OS).

This would be a lot less tedious with keyboard controls and an undo feature.

Fun game. Minor bug, though: at least on Chrome, the cursor keys scroll the page in addition to controlling the game.