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The Argonauts

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Thank you very much. Glad you liked it. (ek)

Thanks for your nice review. (ek)

Thank you for your review.

Regarding the password puzzle: it looks perfectly logic to me. In the end, it's about the difference between encryption and decryption. If you got any questions, feel free to ask. (ek)

Thank you for your nice comment. Glad you liked it so much. (ek)

Thank you very much. (ek)

Thank you very much for your nice comment.

Scotty may take the cup. It will find its way back to Marla when she needs it, so no game-breaking dead end here. (ek)

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I watched your video and have to say that you were very close - you just missed one charachter when typing in that password. There are some playthrough videos on Youtube and you can download a walkthrough PDF on our game page, if you want to know what you missed.

Thank you anyway for playing and commenting. (ek)

Thank you for your kind words. It's music to our ears.

Thank you very much. (ek)

... and we thought that Tim had some kind of OCD symptoms, so it seemed plausible that he was the right man to bring order to the pill chaos.

Thank you very much. (ek)

Thank you for your nice detailed review.  (ek)

Thank you for your nice comment. Regarding the flashlight: it used to be even narrower when I first created it, so it seems to have been a good idea that I scaled it up a bit. ;-) (ek)

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Thank you for playing our game. Glad you liked it. (ek)

Thank you for your kind review. (ek)

That's very kind, thank you. (ek)

Thank you very much for this kind review. If you have read the other comments, you know that voice acting just didn't make it into the game due to time constraints. We also would have loved to hear the crew talk. (ek)

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Thank you very much for creating another playthrough video for one of our games. Always appreciated.

And we're glad you liked the game. (ek)

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Thank you for your nice comment. (ek)

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Thank you, Simon, for the review and for recommending our other games.

We deliberately chose a limited environment this time - not only because we like that, but also to limit the workload for our background artists... (ek)

Thank you. (ek)

Thank you so much for this very nice review.

Talking of puzzles, I heard your game has something to offer in that regard, too. I will surely give it a go. (ek)

Thank you. Glad you had fun.

If Dr. K. Is still alive, I'm sure Sam will take care of him. But we'll never know for sure.

Thank you for your nice review. (ek)

Thank you. Good to see so many people had fun with the cipher; we weren't sure about that. (ek)

Much appreciated, thank you very much. (ek)

Sounds like we found the right balance. That's good to know. Thank you for your comment. (ek)

Thanks a lot for your review. I blame Dr. Kaminsky for any encryption confusion ... (ek)

Thank you for that nice feedback. (ek)

Thank you for the nice comment. Glad you liked it. (ek)

Thank you very much. That's high praise.

We also would love to have voice over in our games. But it's the same story every year: we start writing our texts too late. The last lines were added only a couple of hours (or was it minutes?) before the deadline. (ek)

(FYI: Your comment was posted twice, I deleted the second one.)

Don't worry, I didn't consider your comment as too negative. And even if it was, it would have been a valuable feedback. For me (and I think my team-mates would agree), the comments we get are better feedback than any ratings. So we appreciate any comment - be it positive or negative or indifferent (that doesn't mean people should stop rating).

Sorry we didn't go for underwater archaeology this year. Atlantis is still good for another adventure, I guess ... ;-) (ek)

I forgot to mention in the swimthrough that the solution is only valid for the English version of the game. If you play in German, the password is different.

If you need some tips on how to proceed, please have a look at my reply to Steffko on the jam comments page (scroll down to the bottom): (ek)

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Thank you very much for your nice review.

We know the story has some flaws, but we didn't really work on it before the jam started, so there wasn't enough time to make it perfect. (ek)

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Thank you. (ek)

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Thank you for the comment.

We actually thought about having the power outage puzzle later in the game. But it just didn't match our storyline - and it was already too late to rethink everything. So we just tried to make it not too difficult right at the beginning. (ek)

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Sorry to hear that. ;-)

Thank you for the nice words anyway. (ek)

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If you need help: I just uploaded the official walkswimthrough to our game page. Read carefully to not get spoiled too much.

Apart from that: thank you for your comment. (ek)

The official swimthrough is now available for download.

Thanks for the nice review. (ek)