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I get it, but a disappearing inventory is a pain in the butt anyway.  Plus, don't forget, some people have limited mobility.  I replayed your amusement park game and it nearly drove me insane.  Every time I put my cursor at the bottom of the screen, my dock comes up, and the inventory is not accessible.  You can easily put it in a locked position on the right or left of the screen without compromising the viewing area.  It just sucks when a good game is difficult to play physically...  

At the hammer taking ordeal.  I tried bringing down the inventory to put the hammer in the drawing, and it froze.  Tried reopening a saved game, to no avail.  The woman walks in place on the screen, but nothing else is happening.  MacOS, Chrome both latest updates

here's the thing: having a flow-down inventory and making quick moves is never ideal, especially if using a trackpad on a laptop.  Having a visible inventory reduces frustration and provides for a much better gaming experience.  Also, autosave is essential in a game this size, with so much dialog.

Like I said already, the game froze, won't restart, and I saved a while back anyway, so not going to finish.  Sadly, because I really liked the graphics.

aaaand, the game froze.  not replaying :( 

yep, he's talking to his wife, but I can't walk away with the hammer while he's doing that, nor can I use the hammer on anything in the inventory or even to smash his skull

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yeah, tried shearing it when the old man says ZZZZZ, no go. tried lo lure the sheep farther with the acorns, no go. tried to make him go see Iulia, the same, giving him herbs, wine, whatever...  sometimes, what seems to be very logical to the game developer, lacks the same logic for other people

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Not really a spoiler, if you think about it... I've already tried giving it to the sheep.  it just doesn't want them, and that's the end of that.  can't sheer the sheep cus of old man, can't take hammer, can't use pebbles...  Tried putting the short stick in  place of hammer, doesn't work either

I'e exhausted my conversations with everyone, except the sculptor.  Trying to distract him to steal the hammer, but no luck

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Very much stuck right now, but an awesome game nonetheless!

UPD: or was, until it froze and won't open up again.  Also, no autosave in a game this kind is not a good idea.  Not replaying

so stuck with veggies, knife and acorns...

game not loading in Chrome

straight-up magic mouse doesn't work in your games, unfortunately, and right-click isn't very common in point-and-click games.  Ctrl+click works, but my game didn't save (although I did click the save button), so not going back to it, but will keep this in mind for future.  thanks for getting back to me :) 

yep, that's it.  Macs have a "right button" function, but it's all integrated into one area that you press.  too bad, cus Mac users can't play your games :( 

nice game!  two issues: you can't put down items when you've decided you don't want to use them at the moment, except the brush, and you can't play with those in hand, because it messes up the functions.  I tried clicking, space bar and ESC.  ESC takes you to the home screen, which does the trick, but it's annoying.

another issue, after which I stopped playing, is that on a Mac, you can't rotate the sign leading to the toilet room, so can't continue playing past this point.

Many thanks! :) 

Thank you!  it's an awesome game otherwise :) 

Ugh, I really enjoyed the game up until the green circles...  there's a reason I play point-and-click games: I can't do run-and-shoot, due to coordination issues.  Had to abandon the game, unfortunately :( 

maybe, there could be a "skip" option in the future for people like me?