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oh no. The game crashes for me with an error "Cannot find ultimatefullscreen.mfx!" and i've tried all 4 sreen options. I am playing with dual monitors though my second monitor is a 32 inch TV.

If you need anything else then please let me know.



Omg, that is weird. I'll look into it as soon as possible!

Can you give me more info about your specs and a screenshot of the error? What OS are you using? 

Sorry for taking so a day to get back to you.

My Spec ...... I've got it working.

What i've done is to open the location and then create an empty ultimatefullscreen.mfx, I then copied this into the data folder.

I then realised that there are 2 exe files, one in the root and one in the data folder so i've ran both exe's and the game now runs BUT it only fails when I click the "Launch" button in the app

I'm pleased it's now working but it's strange that the "Launch" button should cause it to crash. I wonder if it's an issue with the path's?

If you want to remotely log onto my box via teamviewer or if there is anything else I can do then PM me. I'm really not worried about this rigging getting corrupted as it's purely for gaming. There's no personal stuff on it.

I'm going to make a video.



There seems to be a problem when running the game through the app. Somehow it isn't recognizing the extension files embedded in the exe file. I'll try to find a solution, but for now you can run it from the local folder of the game or downloading it from the page.

Thank you for the patience.  Looking forward to your video!

Hello. I believe we managed to fix the issue. Update the game in the app to download the newer version. It should work now.

Got the same problem just today (and same workaround).

Hello, I'm sorry for taking so long to answer you.

That is really weird, I thought the problem was solved for good. I'm gonna run some more tests here and reply to you again when I find a solution.

It seems Clickteam Fusion, Itch app and a launcher file don't mix well :(

We updated the game and now the app launches the game directly. The launcher, in case you guys need to configure any settings or buttons, is still available inside the local files. 

This is a temporary fix. We'll incorporate an in-game configuration screen in later releases.