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It seems Clickteam Fusion, Itch app and a launcher file don't mix well :(

We updated the game and now the app launches the game directly. The launcher, in case you guys need to configure any settings or buttons, is still available inside the local files. 

This is a temporary fix. We'll incorporate an in-game configuration screen in later releases.

Thank you! That means a lot to us :D it seems we're on the right track!

We have plans on releasing a revised demo with some modifications... Plus stage 2! It will be released not far in the future, stay tuned! 

Hello, I'm sorry for taking so long to answer you.

That is really weird, I thought the problem was solved for good. I'm gonna run some more tests here and reply to you again when I find a solution.

Hello. I believe we managed to fix the issue. Update the game in the app to download the newer version. It should work now.

Nice, thank you very much! I hope you can get through the first boss and see what's next :) 

There seems to be a problem when running the game through the app. Somehow it isn't recognizing the extension files embedded in the exe file. I'll try to find a solution, but for now you can run it from the local folder of the game or downloading it from the page.

Thank you for the patience.  Looking forward to your video!

Omg, that is weird. I'll look into it as soon as possible!

Can you give me more info about your specs and a screenshot of the error? What OS are you using? 

That was so cool, thanks for playing and making this video. We are glad you liked the game!

We'll sure keep you updated !