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Love it so far !

The camera control are confusing : the vertical axis is inverted, but the horizontal is not. I intituively expect them to work the same, so I always do one wrong, and when I try to correct mylesf, I do the other one wrong.

Haha, is there any limit to how many enemies can spawn? It was pretty fun having so many of these little creatures partying around everytime I found a new core.

Yes, the darkness looks good here.

I thought so as well, however if it weren't for that one infected that needs to be seen from afar, it would have been perfectly possible to finish the area this way and I wouldn't have noticed anything. At first I found this full blindness was actually a nice part of the experience !

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The dark in the subway could deserve to be less dark; I was unable to see anything outside of the circle, and was convinced it was pure black until I watched someone else's playthrough. Even then, I still had to go into my graphic card's setting and raise the gamma in order to see anything and make it through.

I have an issue about the cursor : 
I have multiple screen, and the game doesn't contrain the cursor, so when I look around, it goes wandering onto other screens and whenever I need to click, I'm taking the risk to unfocus the game.

Why is Z of all things the default key for choosing an option in the menu? I would expect Enter or Spacebar for this. 
At first I couldn't make it past the menu, thinking it was broken.

Best ending

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Works great !
Though for some reason, when enabling's fullscreen on firefox, the game remains scaled down until you click it again. (No issue on chrome)

Another thing that is not an issue but worth noting:
Whereas can usually find the canvas' size for Unity games automatically, this template requires setting the canvas size manually.

Got the same problem just today (and same workaround).

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Have played for about 30mn. I don't think I'll keep playing until a few updates but I still wanted to leave some feedbacks.

- I like the overall aesthetic of the environnement. (However using lower shadow settings gives some flickering shadow artifacts that are really annoying to the eye.) The lands are pretty and well generated, I love the topologu

- The big black spot of the game is combat. Attacks don't feel like they have any impact.  The only current feedbacks (characters turning red and damages numbers), shyly fade in so you don't know exactly when they happen, these should flash into your face instantly! Because they're so slow to appear, they don't match the audio feedback; when you hear the hit at a moment but see it only later, it gets really confusing. The hitboxes don't always match the characters models, and some attacks reach way farther than the animation looks. Dodging feels pretty useless because you don't know when to dodge, nor whether you're actually dodging something. I'm still not sure whether dodging is supposed to make you shortly invulnerable, or just relocate yourself away from an attack.

Other issues I met :
- Had a very long first loading time. Couldn't do anything in the meantime because the game was keeping my cursor in the center of my screen, even when the game windows was not focused or was minimized. Couldn't Alt-F4 out of that loading time, killed the process with the Task Manager.
- Playing as a Rogue,  got killed by about everything I met took me  multiple lives to kill anything.
- Playing as an archer, firing while moving backward was OP, nothing could hit me.
- Couldn't aim upward unless I jumped, because the ground was blocking the movement of the camera.
- Talked to a merchant, his healthbar was overlaying the inventories.

That's it. Wishing you luck with the rest of the developpement !