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Hi!  Really liked the demo and excited about the full release.  I really like the amount of customization that can go into the MC's personality (my first few times playing through, I thought that the only choice that affected personality was the initial one in the packing scene-took me a while to realize that there were more variations after that).  My only question is have you considered having some sort of screen where the player could keep track of the MC's stats or the relationships she has with the other characters?  In these kind of games I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what a choice corresponds to in terms of altering relationships/stats (and I have a hard enough time in reality figuring out just what I've done to offend everybody >x<) so some sort of screen where you could just check where you stand is something I really like to see in games (although I have zero ability to code so I don't know if that's a major hassle to do...).

Hello, fairfaxleasee, thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you've enjoyed the game so far.

Hmm, stat screens. I have put them in other games before, but it's usually ones with more stat-building elements to them, and I haven't ever included the 'romance levels' on the screen.

I am probably projecting here, but I find I fall into the trap of picking my conversation option and then immediately going to check the stats screen to see if they've 'liked' it or not, potentially reloading and trying again if they didn't, and that isn't really conducive to roleplaying. 

So instead, I've tried to make it clear, in game, what your stats are from lines of dialogue and character reactions, where the character's reaction to the choice that has been picked should indicate if they 'liked' it or not, but if it's not coming across then that is something we need to look at. 

Also, the game is written in such away that there is no specific path which must be followed to get a certain romance. It's more that you can get 'points' with characters (sometimes more than one character at a time) by picking certain options or choosing their company over another's, and these accrue over time, opening certain character routes. It's not like one bad choice is going to derail the whole romance.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope you enjoy the full game once it has been released. ^_^