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I'm really enjoying the game so far! I love pixel games cause they look so cute and this one does really well in the small pixely style! I love the animations, they're very good at bringing the world to life and the attention to just sutle animations (like the character's hair bobbing with each step) is amazing, and I really love the diversity of NPC's!

So far I only have a couple problems with the game:
I think the load time after getting swallowed by the dungeon is a bit long.
It would be nice to keep my loot, it doesn't really make sense to me why I can't keep anything if I didn't die unless I need to rescue someone who runs a storage shed or something like that.

Some stuff I hope to see in the full realease is:
A character customizer
Speaking of a customizer, maybe a choice of classes would be cool as well

I'm really excited to see the full release! I made a video, I hope you enjoy it and the few more to come. 


Thank you for the video and feedback! We will look for an improvement plan.

And there is a "boutique" in the game, It feels like a class system. :)

in the opening i saw a black smith in the top right corner it might be able to give you weapons found in the dungeon or it might just make more items for you to find in the dungeon im not really sure but there was definitly a guy with a hammer in the opening scene