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do you have an estimated release date for the next version

you should increase the satiety upgrade to 

lvl 1-15 

lvl 2-15

lvl 3-20

im not trying to nag you, i really like this game it's my favourite game on but there are just so many ways to improve the game im not saying you did a bad job i think you did an amazing job and i love the game, but like i said improvements

i think that the matchlock gun could definitly use a boost it in all honesty is way to under powered i think it should atleast be able to take out a big red bat in 1-2 shots.

 if you make it so it can one shot a big red bat you should increase the reload time by about 0.5 seconds if it 2-shots big red bats then you would be better off leaving it at the same reload and shot speed. 

just a suggestion. ; )

in the opening i saw a black smith in the top right corner it might be able to give you weapons found in the dungeon or it might just make more items for you to find in the dungeon im not really sure but there was definitly a guy with a hammer in the opening scene

if you could make the round shield appear more in the croc shop that would be awsome as its affect is invincibility on dash 

if you get the round shield you get invincibility on dash so if they added an I-FRAME it would make the shield pretty much useless.

i have an idea for you.

 the ground were you enter the dungeon if that's still there in the full release you could make it so the at the start of the ground  the dungeon is catered to the charaters current  stats and the further along the ground you go the harder the monsters will be to kill but you would get more gold or better items in the dungeon

also i really like the, long staff

but my favourite weapons are the gwendlyn and helberd i beat belial with them three times

some the item description wasn't in english so it would be great if you could fix that in the official release

do you have an estimate date  for when the next update will happen