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I hope you to beat the boss! And thank you for playing. :D 

Thank you for your many feedbacks. :) and reloading system is very interesting. (Other things too.) 

We will consider your opinion on the improvement of the game. Thank you. :)

We are working on the full version, so there will be no further update of the demo version until release. 
(We plan to release the game in the 1Q 2018.)

We will update the demo version after the release. Thank you.

Wow, Thank you for the video. :)  We are looking forward to the next video!

Thank you for helping us improve the game. :)

costume(= skin),  improved restaurant, new ability system, monster balancing and more... We are working!  Full version  will be better!  :)

We continue balancing and localizing. :) Thank you for your feedbacks!

We develop with Unity 5. :)

Thank you very much for your attention! :D

Ah! Thank you very much for letting us know about "I-Frame".
About Dash Invincibility, we are working on it. You can meet in ability system later. :)

Thank you for your feedback. There will be changes regarding the issue. 

But I don’t know I-frames. Can you tell me what I-frames is?

Thank you for your feedback!

 We have seen the issue and are discussing improvements.

Thank you. There are more NPCs in full version game.:)

Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! We have seen the problems and are discussing improvements. Full version will look better. :)

Thank you for the video and feedback! We will look for an improvement plan.

And there is a "boutique" in the game, It feels like a class system. :)

Thank you! Dungreed will be available via Steam in 1Q 2018. :)

Wow the video is cool! Thank you cery much!

Thank you for the video.

I promise you that you will see better English text in full version game!  :)

Thanks again for the feedback. We will discuss about "shortcuts".
And the difficulty is going to change more easily. Thank you. :)

Thank you. I'll change the difficulty more easily. :)

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Thank you for your feedback!

About 1: This is not a bug, and it seems that the item was SOLD by "right-clicking when the store panel was opened". I will redesign the item UX so that there is no confusion in the release version.

About 2: We are developing a system to keep items(can not keep ALL though). I will post about the system later. :)

Thank you very much! Dungreed will release in 2018 1Q! :)

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. You probably can not play well at lower resolutions now.

Dungreed will support resolutions of at least 1024 * 768 res.  We are working on 4: 3 resolution support and it is incomplete now. Thank you. :)

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Thank you for your report. I will check about that problem. And please try temporary solution below : delete all the data in the /StreamingAssets folder. Thank you.

Thank you for the video! :)

Thank you for the video. There will be more stages and bosses in the release version! :D

Thank you for the video! And yes, we are in South Korea. :) The problem of translation quality you mentioned is will be fix at the time of the official release. (With the help of a professional translator)

Thank you again! :)

Thank you for your feedback.  . As you said, the game's exploring / returning mechanics are going to change because of some problems. We will introduce the system that will change in the future. Thank you. :)

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Thank you! We will work hard to make it a more fun game! :)

Thank you! :)

Thank you for your report. As a temporary workaround, please remove all files in the /StreamingAssets folder. Thank You.

Thank you! :)

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Thank you very much for the video! I promise to come with much better game when release.

Thank you again!