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Thank you very much! Dungreed will release in 2018 1Q! :)

After several hours of playing:

1. bug: in level 1, when u buy stuff and equip it, it will disappear, and u would have wasted your money.

2. suggestion: when you die or get out of the dungeon, all your equipment will be cleared. The next time you go into the dungeon, you can rush directly to level 2, but you don't have any weapons, so you still have to beat level 1 again to collect some weapons. This is quite unnecessary and annoying. Can we keep the weapons or equipment? I really don't want to play level 1, 2 again and again.

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Thank you for your feedback!

About 1: This is not a bug, and it seems that the item was SOLD by "right-clicking when the store panel was opened". I will redesign the item UX so that there is no confusion in the release version.

About 2: We are developing a system to keep items(can not keep ALL though). I will post about the system later. :)