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nevertheless, I made a trailer for you guys using my game play recordings, hope you enjoy it.

Another problem:

In level 3, there is a monster right beside the start point that cannot be avoided. I tried like 5 times, but could not defeat it. I wish I could practice more on fighting it, I couldn't, because I was sent all the way back out of the dungeon with no weapons. If I want to fight it again, I need to go through all the levels before it, it's ridiculous. That's where I gave up playing this game.

2 suggestions:

1. Should be able to keep the weapons. 

2. Should have a teleport to levels you had been to.

After several hours of playing:

1. bug: in level 1, when u buy stuff and equip it, it will disappear, and u would have wasted your money.

2. suggestion: when you die or get out of the dungeon, all your equipment will be cleared. The next time you go into the dungeon, you can rush directly to level 2, but you don't have any weapons, so you still have to beat level 1 again to collect some weapons. This is quite unnecessary and annoying. Can we keep the weapons or equipment? I really don't want to play level 1, 2 again and again.

shut up and take my money! so, how can i pay?