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Another problem:

In level 3, there is a monster right beside the start point that cannot be avoided. I tried like 5 times, but could not defeat it. I wish I could practice more on fighting it, I couldn't, because I was sent all the way back out of the dungeon with no weapons. If I want to fight it again, I need to go through all the levels before it, it's ridiculous. That's where I gave up playing this game.

2 suggestions:

1. Should be able to keep the weapons. 

2. Should have a teleport to levels you had been to.

Thanks again for the feedback. We will discuss about "shortcuts".
And the difficulty is going to change more easily. Thank you. :)

nevertheless, I made a trailer for you guys using my game play recordings, hope you enjoy it.

Wow the video is cool! Thank you cery much!