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Loved the game but got caught in a bug while fishing and couldn't move after that. Will play again another time for the completion, would love to see this expand more in the future.

Thank you for playing and sorry about the bug! 🙇 We've already had the issue reported a few comments down and we're working on fixing it for the next version! Hope you do play it again some other time and get the completion!

How would you like to see the game expanded? Which kind of content/mechanics do you think would be nice to see? 🐳


The game saved so I managed to continue, thankfully! I actually think the game is too easy in a way which makes it not as satisfying as the game doesn't seem to progress as much, especially later on. Some restrictions on eg how much cargo you can load or fuel would be nice, or requirements to unlock new cities, or slight bonuses to the different airships that we get. Beautiful game though. As it is, the whole world is explored fully pretty early on, which decreases the sense of discovery. Maybe that's because I'm an Explorer though

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We have a few ideas for the future about how we can make both exploration and trading more interesting in the long run, but we're still early in the talks about it. The idea of implementing cargo limits is one that has popped around ever so often, but the more we discuss it, the more we feel we enjoy the chill no-limits aspect to trading. Our vision is more to make it interesting to how many different things you have at one point rather than how much. 🤔

Explorers are the main taxonomy we're aiming at, so we definitely enjoy having players like you around. Thanks for having played the game! Cheers! 🐳


Was the bug obtaining a crate while fishing? Because I accidentally did that while trying to get a crate above a fishing spot.


It was indeed! Somehow got stuck and unable to move while waiting for a fish that did not exist.