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I really loved the visuals, the characters, the writing, the music is great but I don't know if it's a bug or intended, but the date music plays at the same time as the mini game music.

The character are just so cute! Mostly our boss whenever I try to get a new ending, I just see a new side of him! (ToT)

I also do not understand Gideon's ending. I would like to understand it.

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I loved the last ending. I just finds this kind of relationship cute and funny.

And the artstyle is good. I like it. (thinking about it, there are so few games with artstyle that I likes)

I watched Markiplier play this game and I loved it. This game is trully great!

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I swear, if the "God f*cking damn it Kris! Where the f*ck are we!?" came from here, I'm gonna die laughing. XD

Good job! I liked them very much!

I didn't play the game but I thought the humour was funny, the joke was great too and the story was nice. A little bit sad but still nice.

That was really cool. But the breathing felt a bit repetitive at one point.

Wait? So are they original music tracks or something?

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I want to know what's the music played in door two whenever we're seeing the characters.

Honestly, I don’t know what kind of game you intended to do but this game is quite simple and a bit fun since we can go around the map and discover many things with each 3... comments? It’s a fun trait. Not only you discover maps but also object and fishes which adds collection fun. 😎

Also, the first thing I ever discovered was the egg. Having played a lot of game where I expect an end, I thought the egg would hatch and ta-da! The end. XD

Anyway, the game was fun, I liked the art. It was very very nice.

Was the bug obtaining a crate while fishing? Because I accidentally did that while trying to get a crate above a fishing spot.

I haven't played the game yet but from the page itself and the video, it looks amazing. It's so cute, I love the art style. It's so cool. I will see how the gameplay goes. :)

By trying everything! XD

Her hair seriously looks like Bubblegum. If she was really food, it could be like Princess bubblegum's hair. Like, we can eat it, lol.

I love the music so much.

Hey! Is the host an option? XD

I did get all 7 endings

Hello, I have noticed that there was a spelling mistake.

This game looks interesting, I saw a video from ManlyBadass and I'm afraid to play it. Sure it looks scary but the problem is that I'm afraid of getting stressed from the inability of helping this patient. I do wish to see all the dialogues and what happens when they get fully cured.

Got all zee endings. That was interesting.

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I forgot 4, oh god. What have I done? XD

Why run away? At least keep it! XD

Is it weird that I'm trying to get myself killed? X'D

I mean in the game.

Wow, I like the 3rd ending. That's more interesting. But words like that it's kind of annoying, though. X'D

I'm immaturely childish, okay! XD

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Got ending 9 & 8

Just need 3 6

Oof. The 5th ending.

And now I got the1st and 2nd end. The 1st one is easy to get. But I'm more curious if he's gonna kill us or if we can kill him. owo

Because of what they said, now I'm thinking for myself. ._.

Everything happened so quickly, I don't know how to react. I got the 7th ending. The french accent speaking english is cringe, I just keep face palming like in english class at school. XD

Oh lord Diavolo. I think you might have made a mistake. Since what Sissy did there was throwing rocks. I'm guessing you meant the pitcher who throws the ball, is it? That'd be one hella big mistake. lol

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Now that I think about it, what did he meant by 'putter'? I don't know anything about baseball but I feel like it was supposed to be a play on word or something.

The only putter I can find on the web is for golf.


Okay, I watched a video and got the 5th ending.

But I wanted more! Buh! -3-

So, are we a murderer?

Also, guess what I ordered.

Human Blood.

I'm stuck already ._.

There was a Bad Dream sound effect.

He looks cute. Heh. (lol)

PITY PARTY! It's Melanie Martinez! Of course it is! My favourite! Imma play this!

You wrote "enviorment" instead of "environment"

Good Luck!👍🏻🍀 

I know it’s hard to make games and maybe trying to update some of them when you’re already busy (never made game before but I can imagine)

Also, I had another last option and it worked XD

I asked my sister’s phone and downloaded it. And I took lot a screen shot! >u<

Ya arts are great and story are great too! You’re characters are cute and cool! Keep up the good work! Really love it!

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My last option, watch a freaking vidéo

All my options failed, now to succumb into a deep ocean of tears. And the tears would be from my eyes.

I'm not the only one who's that willing to see that end, am I? (No but the only one who's unable to see, hah!)