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Liked it, but randomly froze on level 4 zombie archer for me. Restarted and finished (barely), really fun. If you wanted to develop it further then some single-use "delete one tile" powerup would be super helpful!

Interesting concept but couldnt get anywhere with it since the first level got HARDER instead of easier to play when I couldnt beat it the first time, and just got overwhelmed with a full screen of viruses (2nd last run I had 1000+ on screen at the same time) and the game froze because of there were too many after that.Could be more of a roguelike (eg upgrades per glitch killed) or a much gentler difficulty curve, as this isn't even the main point of the game. An autofire option would also be useful as that was a strong limiting factor in my DPS and player clicking furiously doesn't add much to the game.

It was indeed! Somehow got stuck and unable to move while waiting for a fish that did not exist.

The game saved so I managed to continue, thankfully! I actually think the game is too easy in a way which makes it not as satisfying as the game doesn't seem to progress as much, especially later on. Some restrictions on eg how much cargo you can load or fuel would be nice, or requirements to unlock new cities, or slight bonuses to the different airships that we get. Beautiful game though. As it is, the whole world is explored fully pretty early on, which decreases the sense of discovery. Maybe that's because I'm an Explorer though

Loved the game but got caught in a bug while fishing and couldn't move after that. Will play again another time for the completion, would love to see this expand more in the future.

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Right, got it working! I do think rotation would be useful re: words, and choice over which word it picked. Very interesting concept though and loved the graphics, would love to see it taken further. Another thing-- it somehow didn't accept "pan" as  a word, which was confusing

EDIT: Weirdly enough, PAN worked fine another time.

Looks really good but can't play in browser nor open the download on Mac!

Poor goldie!