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Thanks for your comment!

I agree with all of your points of feedback and I’m so glad you mentioned them because now I have a reference haha. 

I’m glad you enjoyed it. Try day 5 again it’s the final level!

I am glad that my feedback received positively, I wanted to help developers grow and support them especially an indie solo developer.

Ah yes and few things to add, because the story is about the dragon egg maybe it will be very funny and interesting if you can make a character of a nurse dragon lady as the employer, and the intern (It's you the player) can become a junior dragon character which is trying to apply for a position at the baby dragon hospital (or something similar haha or like in a baby dragon wizard school, that's fantasy, ideas can go wild)  By the way, the music is nice and enjoyable and suits for the theme.

And always remember to have fun that's the most important thing in life, keep making fun games!