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I am sorry for the inconvenient, unfortunately pay with credit card is not available in my country yet. In the meantime, here is the link product from my another store and you can pay with card. (

I think there is an option to buy with card inside the Paypal, and yes you can still access your bought assets in the future.

Love the Pine Tree, great job!

Thank you so much for choosing my artwork for creating game tutorial, I am very grateful able to help for educational purposes. 

Yes, I think you need to fill in the information required when to pay with a card, did you manage to complete it with a card? Unfortunately, this is the only way payment is supported at the moment, I am sorry if it still doesn't work. Or perhaps you can suggest other alternatives for payment.

Hi, I am sorry for the inconvenience. Currently credit card payment is not available in my country yet. But you could try to check inside the Paypal method, there are two options provided. One with login with Paypal account and the other one is pay with debit/credit card. Could you help me check if there are alternate options inside the Paypal?

Yes, I will update the new version as well on the GameDevMarket same as in and I think you won't need to pay again for future updates, you can redownload again on that site to get the latest version. But keep in mind, whenever I update my pack to the newer version on GameDevMarket will put on hold on my request for a review, so therefore the update won't be the same day published as in (usually takes a day or several days).

Thank you for bringing this up, In my next update I will try to help share this product link (from GDM) to here ( for those who don't have Paypal.

Yes, you can use them in education projects and must give appropriate credit as shown on the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Good luck making your game! Please share with me after you developed it, I will check it out :)

Thank you for purchasing my pack I am glad you enjoyed it.

The button animation comes with three behaviors, pressed, locked, and unlocked. You can check them inside the Aseprite file (need the Aseprite software) on the Tag names to see which one they are and what they do. Or you can check their names inside the Sprites folder too. The lock state has 2 types, locked and released, when you use them inside your engine, do not loop them but instead play it once so it will stay still at the last frame.

I am sorry to hear that, it is unfortunate not to able to use cards due to a restricted region or not being supported yet in my country. Perhaps in another alternative, you also can find my asset pack here at and try to check if their site transaction supports card payment.

I think you can use debit card or credit card through Paypal, there is an option inside after you click the Paypal icon. It’s going to ask whether you want to log in with Paypal account or pay with card instead, click pay with card and maybe it will work. Please let me know if you succeed.

Yes, you can modify however you like. Free for Personal and Commercial.

As shown in the license, you are able to share and redistribute my assets, but it will be nice and appreciated if you could include my product link or credit my name inside your game’s credits section or the README file.

Thanks WooDooWooDa 😁👍

Thanks for the feedback, I will remember your suggestion.

Unfortunately there is no tutorials inside both version, I apologize for the inconvenient. I will consider making one in the future update. In the meantime, I can suggest finding them in YT on how to use Sprites and UI stuff.

thanks for letting me know, it will helped me for future updates.

Thank you 😁, which theme do you like?

Yes, you can use for your personal and commercial games project.

Hi, thanks for the feedback I will add it in the next update, I am glad you enjoy my asset pack, wish you good luck on your project!

Your welcome, if you need anything just let me know :)

The Toriko font is inside the pack full version.

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You can change their colors either in the the Aseperite or in Photoshop (or similar software). I recommended Aseprite because it was created from it.

Thank you for your support :)


Thank you so much for using my assets :D

Thank you for your support, I appreciate you were telling me you like the paper theme, it really helps the project grows even more If I can hear people interest in it. I checked your project, it’s looking really nice! Strategy fighting bugs game? That’s unique. Keeping up the good work.

Okay, I will have a look and change it in the next update, thanks.

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Yes you can use for personal work and commercial projects.

Thank you for downloading, also feel free to check out my other assets too :)

Hi, version 2.2 is just released and the toggle button that you requested has been added inside. Enjoy!

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Thank you :D you mean how I made the post design? I used Aseprite software and JuiceFX for the animation :)

Ok that’s nice I will keep that in mind.

That is interesting, what is the theme of your mini games you want to use? Perhaps it could be an inspiration for me.

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Hi, thank you for the feedback, yes sure I will create the additional designs as your requested and I will put it on my next update content. But it might take a while for me to do the whole update with other designs, if this is very urgent you can send me a direct message on my Twitter and I can send you the requested design early.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you, which part do you like? Maybe I will update a new content in the future :) and yes lobster is a beautiful creature!

Hi, thank you so much for the support and yes I will do more themes in the future. Currently, I am very busy with another project and not available to update new content here, I apologize for the delay. I will immediately continue to do more once I have finished my other work, and thanks again for reminding me.

Your feedback becomes my inspiration and motivation, I thank you for telling me about your project goal, and I will take notes on those ideas.

That's great to hear, if you have any questions about the files in the kit please do let me know, I will help whenever I can :)