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This looks interesting, I wonder how are the sound effects going to be played in this game.

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My highest score: 846

Your game is incredible! simple and yet challenging, with great UI and visual feedback.

Thank you @harshadss for the kind comment and support, I will try my best to provide more great work in the future. Currently, I am working on a new pixel art project again so please stay tuned and follow me :)

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Hi hogo, sorry for the misunderstanding. The game software "Berie's Adventure Seaside" executable file can't be published elsewhere and only can be played here in itchio. The asset pack you can use them in any personal or commercial project and of course any games you made with it you can publish them. There are two different files, the game and the asset pack.

Download and Play for Free Now:

Hi, I am happy to announce that a new simple short game I made for 7 months has been published! This is an adventure platformer exploring beach creatures and obstacles. You are playing as a pig named Berie and he loves to explore at the seaside, find treasures, avoid traps, and perhaps meet a new friend who needs help.

This was my first game development project and it gives me a lot of learning experience, now I am very grateful it's finally has finished.

Your music is incredible and I love hearing it! My favorite is Admin Rights, it has a nice beat.

Hi drdevel0per,

Thank you for contacting me, I have checked the game just now on Steam and sadly the dev didn't credit my name, instead by using other name. It's true the license said that it is allowed to use in personal or commercial projects but I forgot to mention about credibility using my name in any projects. I guess this is entirely my fault, I will write a better license document next time. This is very helpful and learning experience, thank you so much for sharing this information drdevel0per and supported me by purchasing the asset pack.

I will upload a new asset pack soon and still working on the product page design, so stay tuned!

Thanks :) the sound effects created by Sidearms Studios, bought in Unity Asset Store.

Thank you for the comment :)

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Hi, this is my first game ever published and I am happy to announce that it's FREE to Download!.

This idea was originally planned as an asset pack product only, but I get carried over and am interested to transform it into a playable asset game demo. This project took me 58 days to complete, it's finally has reached the complete state. Even though it's just for a simple showcase and has short playtime, the game still has room for improvement such as for new paths, more object interactions, OST, etc, and will be updated if I get enough support on the project.

Crabby Beach is a simple short game about a warrior fighting some crabby on the beach, collecting coins, food, and points to score a total high score at the end of the level. Crabby is a crab creature living on the beach, there are two types of crabby the Parent and the Child. You can Fight, Collect, and Explore in your surroundings to collect as many items as you can, there is even a secret or blindspot terrain which can give you a whole lot of treasures and enemies. Playtime is around 1~10 minutes.

Like I said earlier, my initial plan was to sell an asset pack so, all the design you have seen in the game is available in the asset pack, if you are interested to buy and use the artwork the price is reasonable at only $5 with future add-ons contents without extra cost.

Crabby Beach - 10 Minutes of Gameplay

Crabby Beach - Assets Pack Preview

Download now and fight those Crabby! It's FREE!

Follow me on Twitter to see new announcements!

Your art is amazing! And I love it. Does it also included the ground tilemap?

Oh I see, glad to hear the reply. Wish you good luck in your new development and Merry Christmas to you too 🎄😁👍

Hi, I think your game is fun and I love the art and everything. And here is my feedback for your game.

1. You need to fix the jump mechanic, feels like there is a delay when touching the ground then wanting to jump again.

2. The smashing-down animation needs to be improved more, the jump-start state has to be fast I think.

3. I think there is a little bug in the boss fight, if I died when during the boss spinning and then I respawn the boss is still spinning.

4. Probably better if the boss's dialogue is only shown one time at the first encounter.

5. There is a sudden music volume boosted up, that's a bit weird since there is nothing intense happened.

Keep up the good work and continue making it into a full game, I believe your game has the potential for success.

Wow thanks a lot you are the best 👍💯, keep up the good work. 

This is amazing! Do you think it's possible to have a blue theme?

I scored 3 on my first try haha, I guess I am not good at it.  But overall it's a really nice interesting game and would be nice if can be published on mobile.

I am glad that my feedback received positively, I wanted to help developers grow and support them especially an indie solo developer.

Ah yes and few things to add, because the story is about the dragon egg maybe it will be very funny and interesting if you can make a character of a nurse dragon lady as the employer, and the intern (It's you the player) can become a junior dragon character which is trying to apply for a position at the baby dragon hospital (or something similar haha or like in a baby dragon wizard school, that's fantasy, ideas can go wild)  By the way, the music is nice and enjoyable and suits for the theme.

And always remember to have fun that's the most important thing in life, keep making fun games!

I make it until Day 5 it's hard haha.

Simple, challenging, and a good game, could have a big potential for improvement like adding sound effects, particle effects, try add a grab hand icon (or something similar) as a mouse pointer when dragging the egg, and lastly give an alert warning when the time (not the egg but the clock) is almost up so it gives the player feels more nervous (that will be interesting).

I wish there is a pause time at the beginning of each level before I start make the first move (something like a count down or similar), so that I have my own time to make my careful decision where to put.  Because when it starts all my time is about the temperature haha.

For future improvement, add a simple instruction in the game at the beginning so the player will get overall context.  Just an idea, maybe try a different color palette on each days (that's interesting).  Add a heating or cold light (or an animation or something) inside the incubators box.

That's all from my feedback to your improvement, great job overall and keep making fun games!

Hahahaha this game is very funny, I tried to hold so hard, but I still laugh in the end.  It's fun and what a great game!

*I wish there will be more games like this, games that will make you laugh often.  Maybe a sequel for this?