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Did someone say walkthrough? ;) 


Thanks Cryptic Hybrid for your video. It's highly appreciated.
I didn't have time to watch it entirely yet, but I'll do it. I got some glimpses here and there and the critics you made are fair... The game could be improved. But it's our very first one and we're still learning ;-)
Thanks again.

PS : I just uploaded a written walkthrough


Also, to i_want_out: I finally finished the game, and I reconfirm what I said...great job!  I don't have any critics about it, the puzzles solution was logical (so everything made sense and didn't require an "impossible" way of thinking like Monkey Island, back in the day XD) and overall, the experience was engaging and fun. I was also very pleased to have guessed the "reveal"...the little hints were a nice touch!

So...I'm looking forward to your next games: the world needs more of them ;)

IWO is a very good start, it definitely kept me playing even when I was stuck for tens of minutes. And the little 'clues' that make you suspicious are one of the reasons to keep playing. Looking forward to your next project. :) 


I'm happy you both saw and liked these hints. Since the story is rather simple, I thought it would add a little background to it.
And happy too that you liked playing it. It definitely encourages us to make another game... Thanks!

**Hats off** Thank you, kind sir! I had totally missed the "thing" at 6:23, eh eh ^^