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Disqualified - Couldn't find quest item early on after looking in every possible spot.

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That's a huge bummer. I really thought I had it working at least at a first draft level. What item was it, so I can make it more obvious when I update it? The others that reviewed it were able to reach the ending, so at least it isn't broken, but it's no good if players get stuck.

Hi, I was assigned this game. I was enjoying the premise but I got stuck in the fast food restaurant trying to help the guy complete his order. I can't remember now if it was the ketchup or the item you needed afterwards, but I searched all over the place and just couldn't find it. 

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Thanks for the reply. If it was the ketchup, it was in the far left wooden cabinet in the storage room (the room to the right of the kitchen). If it was the resumes afterwards, they were in the dumpster out back (specifically the sprite with the trash bags).

Ah that was it. It was the resumes I couldn't find. Appreciate the info, sorry I couldn't piece it together on my own.