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Loving all of these sci-fi packs! You wouldn't happen to be planning on creating a modern ship tileset at some point, would you? There's plenty of fantasy\old timey ship tilesets out there, but next to no modern ones.


What kind of modern ship do you have in mind?  Right now we have a cruise ship and I think a battleship in the request list.

A modern cruise ship and a battleship would be fantastic! I only had a cargo ship in mind. You know, the ones that transport those big shipping containers.  


Adding to the list, thanks!  :D

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*walks in* ... *reads "battleship"* ... *starts thinking out loud*

if you'll add the possibility to create a larger (overhanging) deck and a elevator you could turn it into an aircarft carrier ...

.oO(lots and lots of variety in fleets is always a plus xD) .oO(for the inside we could just abuse the skyscrapers parking space :P)