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as far as we know, unite uses unity as base - therefore the devs already denied direct compatibility between projects

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since nobody else commented it till now the obligatory 2cent random thought:

i realy like the posters in these screenshots ...
they added a nice decorative element to these walls
which could also be usefull for stores or homes (are they only with text in this pack?)

to add to the spaceship idea ...

maybe not only the ship itself, but also a possibility to "connect" it with the other (sci-fi, cyber, alien) sets

something like a starting / landing ramp, a small space-catapult (for the smaller ships) or some dock - tiles [like a big door with some mechanicle constructions to hold the ship in place] , a bit of floating rubble (for the destroyed parts of it) and some repair drones :P

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*walks in* ... *reads "battleship"* ... *starts thinking out loud*

if you'll add the possibility to create a larger (overhanging) deck and a elevator you could turn it into an aircarft carrier ...

.oO(lots and lots of variety in fleets is always a plus xD) .oO(for the inside we could just abuse the skyscrapers parking space :P)

*walks in and looks around* ...

tiles of everything ... where are yooou ...

so, instead of more affordable bundles we get less of em now ... x.x

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since you're talking about flowers i'll add my 50 cent to it ...
what i would like to see:

- more "growing" things (like fruit trees [in different sizes to simulate their growth] etc)
- a greenhouse (like - a glass dome with planters)
.oO(since im already talking about glass domes ... how about a swimming pool or some waterpark [slide, wave-pool, hot spring, sauna] tiles)

and when we're at it ... "vertical farming" actually is quite the trend nowadays (so ... some robotized vegatable planty walls for our scifiy buildings maybe)

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hmmh, well, i'm not realy sure, what i should make out of this :P

on one hand ... transportation possibilitys like trains, ships, ballons, planes are always a nice to have ...

this specific one looks ... well ... too old / antique

and while the interior could (probably) be easily modernized by mix-matching it with your scienc, scifi and steampunk sets ...

i can't say the same for the exterior ...

so my question: do you have (or are there any intentions to make)

- a more modern/futuristic looking train (something, that would go well with the alien/science/cyber sets)

- maybe even some kind of "armored" / (steampunk)military styled train
[also, ruined versions are always a welcome addition x3]

- animated "empty" waggons [so basically like mobile platforms to put your own stuff ... like cars, tanks, armors, canons, big attelery (on trains ftw xD), slave cages or ... whatever xD onto]

... maybe even something floating (like a magnetic levitation train) or maybe something more organically looking [like more on the darker / magical side ... that doesn't move with science xD]

... well tl:dr ...
exteriors for different time periods

... also as a side question at the end:
does this (or your overworld packs) have some kind of tiny worldmap train/road tiles included?

one year later . . . ;)

"Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)"

any intentions to add them to the steam tilesets and/or making them available for ppl who haven't bought on youre website?

as for unity - we'll (hopefully soon) see a rpg-maker version for it

.oO( with the tile sizes )

that should make it a lot easier i'd say

just wanted to answer the previous posters comment about the cost for the makers

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maybe you should add, that there are (big) sales or bundles several times a year - that's their (stupid) "sales" concept ...

i think, you misunderstood me, what i meant wasn't a "pay once and download everything" aproach,

but a mixed aproach between
1] a "normal" sale of the already released sets coupled with
2] a pre-sale of X-Month Membership "coupons"

*walks to youre website*
*looks around*
(old) tileset 1 ... priced X
(old) bundle 2 ... priced Y
Tiles of Everything ... priced Z

12 month tileset - coupon ... priced ABC
oh, cool *grabs*

*get's a - "bought the 12 month coupon on date X" order-ID and can download new releases with this ID via the tileset recovery tool*

alternatively, wouldn't it also be possible, to delate/edit patreon postings ...
so, like ... only show the last 1,2 or 3 month of content and delate (or take down the links to) the older ones
that way the "buy everything cancel" approach would basically be stopped (and ppl would only have accec to the most recent releases), wouldn't it?

as for the "dispute with their bank" . . .
i think, you are overthinking this one ...
becouse, if someone realy wanted to do that, he could already do so with youre current tiles of everything bundles or even 100% without any bank at all (since youre already offering a 30 day money back guarantee and have - literally - no way of knowing, if that person realy delated all their data) ... so i fail to see the difference there

you'd neither need patreon, 
nor would you have to feel "burned"

you guys have youre own website with the possibility, to create accounts and pay for stuff there

... so, in essence, all, that you'd need to do would be, to go out there and sell "old assets" in a bundle [like you already do with youre worlds of ... but maybe a tad bit more affordable]

and then open up the possibility to "buy" 3/6/12 month memberships for youre new creations, giving you direct acces via youre website ...

don't make it more complicated than it has to be :P

thanks for the fast answers ;)

*thinks* what i meant with (1) was like ...
if i have 3 enemies, a small, weak slime, a normal enemy and a boss ...

would it be possible to have something
like a portrait or picture

overlapping the characters map-position
overlayed with a small / fast attack animation
for small / weak / fast enemies

and a "normal / standard / manual" combat for stronger enemies and bosses

Hallo there, i'm fairly new to the whole rpg-maker stuff and just recently stumbled upon youre plugin (so sorry, if these questions are stupid or already answered x.x)

but can this plugin (or is it intended to in the future) allow me to:

1] use different types of combat mechanics for different enemies
(ie: to just see the portrait / hp - bars of actor/enemy (with the location on the map as background) and a small attack animation above the portrait for weaker enemies but the normal battle screen (or even manual combat) for stronger ones?

2] to set different areas (sea/land/air/earth) and assign bonus/malus as well as movement options (for each unit type individually)

3] to get bonus, when certain actors / enemies are next to each other (and/or skills only useable, if that is the case]

4] fog of war supported?

again sorry, if the questions are stupid x.x