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Just played this and enjoyed it, even if it is an extremely short demo. I really, really hope the final product has a way to rewatch sex scenes, as I kinda found the first sex scene to be hot. lol.

The AI voice could use some work, unless your intention really is for her to sound like a text to speech program, but it's good enough for such a game in these early stages.

One thing I couldn't stand, however, were the jumping controls. They feel pretty bad, and with her being unable to grip ledges and pull herself up, jumping even tiny gaps was a frustrating experience.

Other than that, I enjoyed it. Great work!

You can find them in Users, your user name, AppData, Local, Kalyskah, and finally Saved. At least that's where I found them.

I really hope you do. It's an amazing pack that i can't stop listening to. My favourite track is the Mega Corp one.

Such an amazing collection of music, Joel!

This is pawsibly the most purrfect comment to this game of kitties. <3

Forced romances and sexual encounters are a big problem in a lot of these adult VNs. Way too many force sex with random characters, or characters you don't like, on you. In Acting Lessons, no matter what you do that one girl is always your girlfriend. Your character will always fall in love with her regardless. Probably its biggest flaw, tbh. 

If your story has no room for choices, then don't give the player the illusion of choice, it just pisses them off.

Oh really? I tried talking to the bandits in the camp and two of them encourage me to sleep with the leader. I'll try using vampiric vision to find the ring then. Thanks! :)

Is there really only a single way to complete this quest? You have to let this random, no named bandit bang you? You can't even kill them because they're immortal. 
I don't mind having sex in these games, but I really dislike being forced to do so; it should be something I am in full control over. I mean, why even have all these stats and variables if they mean nothing?

I know it's an adult game, but it's also meant to be an RPG in which you play a vampire. So far, the vampire aspect feels incredibly lacking. Why is every single NPC immortal? Everyone in the town, everyone outside the town - the only people I've been able to kill have been bandits.

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Hey! I've played two other detective themed VNs:

The first also deals with supernatural themes, but I can't tell you much about the second because I didn't enjoy the short amount of time I spent playing it.

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Been really enjoying this romance so far, but one thing that keeps popping up that feels out of place is that weird narrator thingy. All it does is interrupt the flow of things to spout some nihilistic nonsense or an out of place joke. 

Anyway, other than that, it's been a real heartwarming, and dare I say cute, story. I'm glad that it's not just filled with creepy encounters and horny shenanigans.

There's that weird thing you see a lot in adult VNs where the protag will sniff used panties and stuff. I don't find it arousing at all. Dirty clothes are dirty clothes to me.

This is a fantastic thing, imo. It's so hard to find a good VN in this style that isn't just a porno about you dicking down every woman you stumble upon.

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Hey, Xage!

If you haven't already, check out Acting Lessons. It's an adult VN, but one where a lot of your choices influence how the story plays out. It's actually an adult VN that has consequences for you sleeping around, and has a fairly dark ending. The story, at least for me, was also very emotional. I did play Being A DIK, but felt it gave the player much less agency than Acting Lessons; I also simply didn't like the boring college plot or its characters.

There's also another interesting VN that focuses on story more than sex, Oath of Loyalty. It's a mafia style VN which also gives you a fair number of choices. The consequences of said choices aren't as big as in Acting Lessons, but they still do have an impact on how others treat you in the story. You can also choose who to pursue romantically similar to this game, so that's a huge plus for me. If you don't want to go for anyone, you don't have to.

That's really about it, unfortunately. Almost every other VN in this art style I've played only gives you the illusion of choice, and will often force you into situations you might not want to be a part of. 

What is it with these games and having the protag be a spineless wretch? It's something that's used way too often and I absolutely hate it. xD

That's fantastic! I'm really looking forward to future updates. I've only played one other VN which made me feel like my choices actually mattered, so I can't wait to see how the story unfolds.

I kinda enjoyed it, but it also felt like I was constantly being forced into an uncomfortable relationship with Yumi; even after blanking her constantly, she's still all over you, and it's kinda annoying. Any way to just brush her off completely? Not really a fan of being forced into weird situations like that, and prefer to be able to choose who to romance in games like this.

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I really enjoyed this game. I couldn't stop playing till I had seen the end. I also really, really appreciate  you giving us full control over the sort of sexual acts we'll experience; you can even remain 100% faithful to your wife, which I liked. Seriously, you have no idea how many adult VNs just force you into all manner of sexual situations you may or may not be comfortable with. 

Really, my only gripe with this game is the ending. No matter the path you tread, no matter your choices, it always ends the same way. Not sure if that's the actual ending or just the end of the current content, I'm hoping it's the latter, but it just kinda ends leaving the player\reader hanging.

I know what you mean. There's a lot of weird forced stuff in this game that I wish didn't exist. Give us a choice, for fuck's sake!

It's not every day you see a Grim Reaper themed tileset. It looks fantastic! I really like these more weird tilesets of yours. Keep up the good work!

Yeah, the build I got from Patreon is worse than the preview version; at least for the tier I'm in. You actually get more working content in the free preview build than the paid for versions at the moment.

I really hope this game is finished at some point.

Thanks for replying, Komisari! :)

Fair enough with the tutorials. I just thought it may have been a bug or something.

Forgive me if my words seemed overly harsh or mean. I mean, you seem like such a nice, friendly person, and you've clearly made something a lot of people enjoy. I'll be sure to give it another try in the near future.

Again, thanks for replying.

They look fantastic! 

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Any way to speed up various text pop-ups? The text that shows up on screen at various points (the stuff in black boxes) seems to take forever to go away or for the button to appear to get rid of the damned things. Turned off tutorials, but still get stupid tutorials and hints. It's kinda annoying. Not sure what's going on there.

Sending that girl, Lucy I think her name is, out to town just seems bugged. 42 seconds last for all eternity; you can even watch 42 tick down to 41, then instantly reset to 42.

I don't know about this one, it's not really clicking with me. I'm not invested in really any aspect of the game, and most of the characters come across as annoying and rather flat; not that I play porn games for interesting stories and what not. I wouldn't want to spend time with any of these people if they were real, let alone romance them.

There's just so much nonsense between me and the reason I play these games in the first place. So many weird, nonsensical scenes and bland, unnatural dialogue that just make me not give a damn.

I'll play for a while longer to see if I start to enjoy it.

I get that as well. Doesn't seem to have an effect on anything, though.

A modern cruise ship and a battleship would be fantastic! I only had a cargo ship in mind. You know, the ones that transport those big shipping containers.  

Loving all of these sci-fi packs! You wouldn't happen to be planning on creating a modern ship tileset at some point, would you? There's plenty of fantasy\old timey ship tilesets out there, but next to no modern ones.

Oh wow! What beautiful looking resources. Such an interesting theme, too. It's rare to find alien world\society themed resources. Great job!

Awesome stuff! I love both of your cyberpunk packs. Any plans to create more cyberpunk vehicles? I love your lil' hover bike.

These are amazing!!! Do you plan on making more?

The new vehicles are a huge improvement over the old ones. You guys are fantastic!

Wow! These are beautiful!

Amazing work! I'm a huge fan of this sort of stuff in games. A shame you don't have parts to make a newspaper in here. xD

Awwh. That's a shame. :( Ah well, I'll be sure to pick up the rest of your stuff asap. I really, really like them!

These are amazing! Do you plan on creating more fantasy themed buildings?

"100 priests are dropped into a virtual reality simulation where they have to mine cryptocurrency until they beat Dark Souls." LOL! I love this tool. xD

Flying cars! What an awesome little pack. Any plans on more flying vehicles?

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I'd like to be able to filter out what's in my feed, too. I get a lot of notifications that I don't care about, mostly from those I follow rating random stuff , and would like to be able to filter them out completely. I know we can already select what's shown when we access our feeds, but that doesn't prevent unwanted notifications from appearing, and you have to manually select what you want to see each and every time. It's tedious. 

I don't want to be notified of one person rating a bunch of different things. I don't care. Like Sharm, I just want to be notified of new projects and updates.