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No, but Untamed Desert can do that.

Thank you!  Yes, they will work with MZ.  

I tested tilesets with the demo version available on Steam, so all tiles should be good to go; if I missed something let me know!  Animations are a little trickier, so not sure about those. You can use them with any game engine you like if you can get them working there.  :)

Thank you!  We haven't forgotten about you!  Not sure when we will get to this as our request list is REALLY long right now.

Great!  Added the arena to the request list.  I'm adding the library theme to the priority list; you're right, there's a lot of requests for that right now.

Steampunk is also on the way, currently in setup!

Thanks!  :)

It's ok, we welcome all the suggestions.  :)  Actually I had plans for a tileset very much like the library you describe so that's helpful, it gives me a sense of direction.  Actually I noticed someone else had also requested a flower forest as well!

Lots of good ideas here...I'll take a closer look at the Trinity set and see.  Steampunk's been on our list for a long time and I really need to get that one finished.  Actually the thorn area sounds fun as well.  

Awesome, thanks for getting back to me.  I've added that to our request list.

Ok, added these to my notes.  :)

Thank you!  

Thanks so much!  We do have plans for ruins, do you need modern or fantasy?

Great, thanks!  Many of these are on our list.  Actually I have a half-finished Native American set that I really should finish and post.  :D

Thanks so much, hope you enjoy it!  

Thank you!  :)  Glad you like it!  

It's on A2, find the starfield and move down two. :)

Right now we don't have any way to break down and sell bits and pieces of tilesets, sorry about that.  :(

Thank you!  Several people have asked for that and it's on the request list.  :)

Hi!  Unfortunately, we don't have any access to these products on Steam (Degica maintains those listings) and there is no way for us to add anything to the DLCs.  Sadly we also have no information on who actually owns the products.  Send us a message here and we'll see what we can do to help though.  :)

The clouds and the jelly water are animated. The rest are regular tiles. :)

OK, added to the request list. :)

Hi, sorry for taking so long to reply, I'm running way behind right now.  I'm emailing you some 100% images for this set.  :)  

Thank you!  How much detail do you need?  Modern Interiors has some tiles that can be used to make a simple police station.

It's ok, there's no significant new content, just a quick file update. :)

Glad it will be helpful to you!  :)

Aha, that's the problem.  That's an order from another store.  I'll send you an email.  :)

Really strange, could you post the order ID?  I'll look it up and see what I can find.

Thanks!  Hope it works well for you!  :)

I sent the link to your email.  :)

Hmm, that's odd.  Maybe try having your download links resent here:

Sorry about that, that file should not be there in the first place.  Cleaning up the uploads.

You should be able to access it in your library. 

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If you pay 13.99 instead of 11.99, you get a few extra files with tiles specific to weddings.  The detailed list is shown in the description.

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It will work with VX/Ace, MV and MZ.  Won't work with most earlier versions unless you want to edit the tiles.  Can't confirm other versions.  The tiles are formatted at 32px and 48px.

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Yeah, we definitely still plan to make this.  :)  May be a little closer to Halloween, though.  We'll probably have some kind of special bundle then like we did last year.

Thanks so much, hope you enjoy it!

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Hi!  Right now we don't make character packs..mostly just minor animations to go with each tileset.  Sorry about that!

Thank you!  Those games were such a huge influence when we were growing up, it's nice to be able to pay homage to them, even if indirectly.  :)

Thank you! We appreciate it!

I think I still have the source files, will try to get those added soon!