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Kokoro Reflections

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Thanks so much, glad they'll be helpful to you!

Thank you!

OK, added to the request list!  Thanks!

No idea why, since I didn't tag it for that and it isn't in the description of the item.  

This tileset doesn't include the volleyball tag.  

Ok, added to the request list!  Thank you for supporting us!

These are mainly for use in displays/menus, but it might be possible to modify them for battle, I haven't tried it.

Thanks so much, we really appreciate it!

Hi!  Yes, those are included.  :)

I don't see a record of that purchase being completed so I wonder if something went wrong with the purchase itself.  Were you charged for it?  If you were, you probably need to get in contact with tech support and let them know about it.  I wouldn't be able to do anything about that, I'm sorry to say.

What are you looking for in particular? 

(1 edit)

Which site did you purchase it from?  Will look into it.

Thanks so much!  

Will one like this one work?

Thanks so much!  We appreciate the support!

Thanks!  I don't think we have anything else that can help right now, this is the biggest collection we have at the moment.

Sure, sounds cool.  :) Thanks!

These don't have a fixed color least, not in the sense that an old-school tile or sprite would.  They can be color sampled, but I don't think it would really be helpful?  Or would it? 

Right now we don't have any definite plans to release character packs, but if we're able to, I'll let everyone know.  :)

Yeah, you're right, we really need to address more sci-fi settings.  I actually want to make a magical market as well and had thought of adding more herbs and plants to that for use in magical/potion/alchemy purposes.  Will keep that in mind!

Come to think of it, I'm not sure those are on the request list, I need to check.  Thanks!

Thanks! Adding to requests.  :)

It's in this one, it's new. :)

Sure!  Just a solar version of the lunar base, or something a little different?

That's fine, I'm glad they fit well enough to be helpful!

Thank you!  Hope they work well for you!

Yes, I think we have this on the request list.  :)

No need to do that, all sample maps are always available here:

I'm sorry, we can't take any commissions right now.

Will add that to the request list!

Now I won't be able to see this without thinking of that, lol.  Glad you like it!

No, those are available here.

Sure, no problem.  :)

Thanks for letting me know about that, going off memory it's just a simple gradient background but I will update the sample maps to include it.  :)

OK, will add this to the request list!

Thanks, glad you like it!  I'll double check the request list and make sure a tavern's on there.

Absolutely! Thank you!

Thanks so much!  I'll add these to the request list!

I don't think we've had that one requested but I'll add it to the request list.  Thanks!

Ok, will add that to requests!  Thank you!

Nice to hear from you again, glad you're doing ok!  Added this to the request list.  :)