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I agree with Harlekin that this have so much potential, though I understand the rushed feel of it, that the only thing I could say in regards to it being a jam entry and with lacking time is that I hope you two would go back to this vn someday and develop it more. The plot is there, I love it and I would like to get to know those characters more. 

Nice choice of music, I really like your taste. Also the title menu is gorgeous, the only fault with the menu, the buttons are hard to find, and somehow hard to click or get the mouse to properly hover it. 

That's my issue with focus masks in regards to texts. Except for that, it's really pretty I'd want a poster of it. 

Also at first I really thought the MC was a different no-face character and was conversing with Jennie: what with that outstretched hand towards the reader and looking directly at the player, I thought she's inviting me to join in the conversation.

Love the artistic backgrounds. I get that it's rushed but somehow the sprites looked like they came from different visual novels, and a couple were on a different perspective plane than the rest. All of them are cute though, just a tad bit inconsistent with each other. I like the animations though. And when those sprites moved to a different position, and them ending up with those ... intimate places, like with Cat Sith (did I get the name right?), was hilarious. (Don't tell me that's fanservice tho x'D, tell me it's a happy accident)

All in all, from something rushed, great job!


Thanks for your kind words! Yeah, we learned that the buttons and the menu should be optimized for visibility, hope you didn't find the experience too troublesome. As for the characters and the plot, maybe an update in the near future, just to give the relationships a bit more development.

Ah, yes, it would be clearer if the MC was facing the people she was addressing, that does make sense ^^ Glad you liked the overall art style though, will pass the compliments to the artist, Cube. o> We tried to match the audio to the visuals, so we're happy that worked out. The artists of these tracks are the real heroes though, haha!

LOL @ Cat Sith. I know what you're talking about. she should probably be moved a liiiil bit to the right, to avoid those risque positions But let's just put it down to characterization, eh? ;D

Thanks for playing our game!