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Is this a joke? Is there some message I'm not getting? Communism is bound to struggle like capitalism is now. It always has. It's gonna have just as many problems, more or less. Sure, they might be different problems, but there are still going to be problems. That's why I genuinely wonder if this is some sort of joke. Communism isn't going to bring us utopia, it could even bring us dystopia. I'm not saying that's going to happen, I'm just saying it's a possibility. Capitalism with UBI is seemingly a WAY better option than just communism.  

I would've liked the game better if at the end everything just started to turn bad like how the society was at the beginning of the game, but in different ways. Like instead of people starving because of capitalism, people are starving because of communism. And your goal at that point would be to turn the society back in to a capitalistic one. After that inevitably turns bad too, you just keep going back and forth between capitalism and communism, endlessly trying to find utopia but it never comes. The game wouldn't have an end. 

But that's just what I think of the political message. I think the game itself has a nice art style. I like the blocky minimalist design of things. The gameplay, well there really isn't any, but I know that's not the point of this game. I do think trying to find everything to click on gets a little annoying, though. Some stuff is kinda hard to find and other things you don't really notice if they change back.

Anyways, if you disagree with me, please explain why. I would love to have a discussion. 

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Historically society hasn't progressed into a new system, then regressed into the previous system cyclically. Different societies are qualitatively different, not merely different arrangements of quantitative variables that all add up to the same sum; there are certain arrangements that one can regard as better than others. It's true that communism won't be a struggle-less, problem-free utopia, but I regard it as a better arrangement of society and as the next step in historical development after capitalism.


You just said a whole lot of nothing. You say it's better but you never gave a reason why. So... Why?


I wasn't arguing for communism over capitalism; the main issue I took with your post was the stupid ahistorical assumption that communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin, that the two could ever interchange or revert between eachother. Communist society comes about by the movement to abolish capitalism, a movement generated by the contradictions present within capitalism. If communism isn't the end of history, then what follows it will emerge out of the contradictions present within communist society and generate something qualitatively different both from communist and capialist society. 


"Thee main issue I took with your post was the stupid ahistorical assumption that communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin, that the two could ever interchange or revert between eachother. " Hahaha! Ahistorical, huh? Wanna check how many countries changed to capitalism after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Russia, for example. And while you may argue that the Soviet Union wasn't communist, it seemingly got closer to communism than anything I can think of, which was reeeaaaaallly close.


The USSR was not communist. It was not close to being communist. It was not progressing towards communism. If you think that the USSR was reeeaaallly close to communism, then you have a completely inaaccurate understanding of both the USSR and communism. Only a few minutes reading the Wikipedia articles on communism and the USSR would show how demonstrably false you understanding is. Considering that you are apparantly too lazy to look these things up before bringing them up, I'll help you by posting links below.


You keep saying communism, but this is about socialism. So basically, yeah, you missed the entire  message... They could say Socialism inevitably leads to Communism which is irrelevant to this topic and I don't necessarily believe. 

That said, your entire rant is about a completely different subject, Communism. Which is in fact, not Socialism. 

Also, if you had finished the game, you would see it does revert back to Capitalism in the end. Once you've managed to change all of the pieces of Society to Socialism the everything begins to shift back. Because in order to change everything you have to juggle certain policies, you can't have them all. But with a tedious balancing act, you can achieve Utopia. Once the person or peoples tirelessly balancing everything get tired, or become complacent with the benefits of their utopia (The player does nothing because there is nothing to do). The policies begin to shift back, either due to greed or some other force, which in turn reverts the entire city back to Capitalism.

I think the point of the game is to show that a utopian society is possible with Socialism, but it is a tireless effort and people will inevitably become complacent once "perfection" is achieved and the "greed of men" will seep back  into society and slowly revert everything back to capitalism.


Unless I missed something, which is entirely possible, the society you build in the game seems to be a society that runs on communism. Also, if the society genuinely does revert back to capitalism at the end, I must have not gotten there as I couldn't find anything else to click on, and I searched for a while. Even if it does though, I specifically said it should do it because the society turns to crap after it changes to communism, or socialism if that's what it is, and in order to try and obtain Utopia, you switch back to capitalism, and then that goes bad too, so you have to switch back, and it keeps going forever. Though, that's just my opinion on the message and I don't think effects the overall quality of the game. Also, you said that this game shows it's possible to achieve a Utopian society with socialism. No it doesn't. Someone could make a game like this, but instead of going from capitalism to socialism, you go from socialism to capitalism and you achieve Utopia that way. That game wouldn't show capitalism is the way to achieve Utopia, would it?

You can click and drag between two problems and get the underlying problem, then click it, to be able to continue.