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Unless I missed something, which is entirely possible, the society you build in the game seems to be a society that runs on communism. Also, if the society genuinely does revert back to capitalism at the end, I must have not gotten there as I couldn't find anything else to click on, and I searched for a while. Even if it does though, I specifically said it should do it because the society turns to crap after it changes to communism, or socialism if that's what it is, and in order to try and obtain Utopia, you switch back to capitalism, and then that goes bad too, so you have to switch back, and it keeps going forever. Though, that's just my opinion on the message and I don't think effects the overall quality of the game. Also, you said that this game shows it's possible to achieve a Utopian society with socialism. No it doesn't. Someone could make a game like this, but instead of going from capitalism to socialism, you go from socialism to capitalism and you achieve Utopia that way. That game wouldn't show capitalism is the way to achieve Utopia, would it?

You can click and drag between two problems and get the underlying problem, then click it, to be able to continue.