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A member registered Apr 01, 2017

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You can click and drag between two problems and get the underlying problem, then click it, to be able to continue.

It doesn't work with my ps4 controller, and the only buttons I have found on the keyboard that do anything is r which resets, and the arrow keys. That means I can't even go into settings and fix it, but it looks so fun and I wanna play it :(

Kaiser tell me about it!

You are the one that thinks games that express opinions you don't share are bad for the website.

loren0701 This site isn't even necessarily american. Typical fuckboi behavior to think america is basically the whole world.

Hey DankLord. If you can't let your hyper republican + conservative views get challenged, then go back to whatever safe space you came from. A conservative that needs a safe space? How interesting...

It kinda sounds like you didn't use the feature where you can make changing something not cause something else to become capitalistic again by connecting them to the underlying issue...

This game is one of those games that nudges the limits of what we think a game can be, which is always interesting. I really like how you slowly build the issues into simpler, but bigger ideas. It's obvious that solving these issues is harder than a click, but I accept that it's not what the game is about. This was a really expressive game overall. I for one was already for socialism. I wonder how I would have reacted if I was a capitalism supporter. I did see some ppl in the comments say stuff about communism, when this is clearly socialism. This showed nothing about everyone getting the exact same things. I understand that this is an expression of your views as an individual, but I think an interesting concept would be choice, because as far as I can imagine there is no perfect society. Maybe you do envision a perfect society. Not saying it was strictly worse to not have choice. Just an idea. Nice aesthetics too. I would have liked the text snippets to stay a little longer, so I could calmly read them. Unity was a good choice of engine. I thank you for this experience.

Just because it's possible to purchase that device in a capitalist country doesn't mean the same can't be done in a socialist country.