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This comment comes very late, but I want to show my appreciation of this. The vertical progression is built in a very fitting way. 

The more "surface level" elements are shown high up, for example the nods to to market crashes and crisis theory (I love your game Crisis Theory aswell). These abstract concepts are nothing that capitalists seek to hide as much as other things, as they don't really show the injustice of capitalism. It makes sense for this to be at the top.

A little bit further down, we see the connection of production, surveillance, and literal injustice as presented in the judicial system. These things now concern people, but seem like necessary evils to most of them, atleast in a way.

Then it gets brutally honest, and clearer than before. The products and the workers are separated by a literal border, a very clear reference to the alienation of workers from products. We also see the bars, and factories where labor takes place represented as prisons. This is a clear reference to the alienation of laborers from labor. It is quite clear by the racial tendencies, that white people are in the positions of power. Obviously at the very top, but also in the guards and judges, and doctors. This is tied to immigration which obviously ties into the divide we see if we think at all about the real world. All of that seems to create a reference to the alienation of laborers from other laborers.

This progression the further down you go really does make the exprience complete, and although this game has a very small scope, it does convey a lot in few polygons.

There is some reference to environmental damage, homelessness and more that I might not have picked up on. But I see the person being literally burned at the stakes as possibly a reference to the actual witch trials and the ways that they historically weakened opposition to the incoming capitalist system (which was often lead by women) and increased gender oppression. It also did this in part by weakening the belief in magic, and the ways that magic went counter to needing to work for necessities in the way that it is done within capitalism. I was introduced to this by Philosophy Tube's video on it which released a couple of days ago, so maybe it was a positive that I write this review now instead of earlier.

One thing that this game made me realize, is that the same progression showed in this game closely resembles the issues that left wing groups further and further to the left bring up, and how this might be used to take people that are still close to the surface, and to make them go closer to socialism/communism/anarchism (although I must say that socialism that is not communist/anarchist sort of misses the point of connecting capital to power I would take the victory of people becoming just socialists for now).

How do u get 128x128

Another thought provoking experience! The hints at how the inevitable psychological effects of the average life in a capitalist society are treated as a sickness are well crafted, because it is noticeable without being too obvious/showed in your face. That is, if they were intentional. In any case the inspiration from alienation and stuff is evident.

The second part of the day you are taken through hits close to home for real. The things that are taken away when you wake up the second time like the time display/alarm and the pills and stuff helps to solidify the points you make outside in the free camera mode. 

The meeting place and the dinner table thing with the grilling nicely contrasts with the fast food place you work at the day before. Introducing another color (lime) in the foliage in the end is cool too.

I wanna note that the icons on the train are a really nice touch too.

I don't know if this is just in the browser version, but sometimes the end just never fades out.

The music being timed with the cut to the computer scene works well, while the vocals being timed with the going to bed scene doesn't work that well. I think it's because it stands out as so obvious that it takes you out of the experience.

For what this is, it works well, and not being assigned a goal fits perfectly because as such it gives you space to think.

Imo the pixelation looks really good, because it works together with the cell shaded look, where the shadows don't transition to the light areas, and instead are in contrast to eachother. It looks very good, and has some nice sound effects. The ones in the menu sound silly, which fits the game. It seems that it takes most players a failed attempt before understanding that you need to heat the bar first. To nudge people into doing the right thing, maybe he could have the character start behind the heating place instead of where you hammer, so that people start with that. Maybe the parts of the table could me moved around so that the character still starts behind the middle of the table. More features could be introduced, because right now you get bored quickly. I mean the base game is already there, so why not build on it?

Doesn't download.

You can click and drag between two problems and get the underlying problem, then click it, to be able to continue.

It doesn't work with my ps4 controller, and the only buttons I have found on the keyboard that do anything is r which resets, and the arrow keys. That means I can't even go into settings and fix it, but it looks so fun and I wanna play it :(

Kaiser tell me about it!

You are the one that thinks games that express opinions you don't share are bad for the website.

loren0701 This site isn't even necessarily american. Typical fuckboi behavior to think america is basically the whole world.

Hey DankLord. If you can't let your hyper republican + conservative views get challenged, then go back to whatever safe space you came from. A conservative that needs a safe space? How interesting...

It kinda sounds like you didn't use the feature where you can make changing something not cause something else to become capitalistic again by connecting them to the underlying issue...

Just because it's possible to purchase that device in a capitalist country doesn't mean the same can't be done in a socialist country.