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"Thee main issue I took with your post was the stupid ahistorical assumption that communism and capitalism are two sides of the same coin, that the two could ever interchange or revert between eachother. " Hahaha! Ahistorical, huh? Wanna check how many countries changed to capitalism after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Russia, for example. And while you may argue that the Soviet Union wasn't communist, it seemingly got closer to communism than anything I can think of, which was reeeaaaaallly close.


The USSR was not communist. It was not close to being communist. It was not progressing towards communism. If you think that the USSR was reeeaaallly close to communism, then you have a completely inaaccurate understanding of both the USSR and communism. Only a few minutes reading the Wikipedia articles on communism and the USSR would show how demonstrably false you understanding is. Considering that you are apparantly too lazy to look these things up before bringing them up, I'll help you by posting links below.