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What you're going to need to do is tell Chrome that Flash can use this page.
Normally it does it by itself, but this site seems to be a bit derpy.

You need to go into the plugins page and find the flash player. You should see a blocked page section and an allowed page section.
Just click "add" next to the "allow" section and slip the URL into the box.
If for some reason you don't know what the URL is, here ya go!

You may have to download an extension that allows you to get to the plugins page, but you should be able to reach The flash settings through the settings panel too! Just type flash into the search bar at the top of the settings page and the yellow text box with the word "FLASH" should stick out like a sore thumb.

Press the option that it's linked to and the next page should have an option that is highlighted yellow. Click it and hey presto! Just slip the URL into the correct location.

And there you go! You can now play Dress Treat in the Chrome browser! No more fiddling with Internet explorer! HISS BITE HISS!

Have fun! =D

oh my goodness thanks so much for writing this how-to, i imagine it will be really helpful to a lot of people!!!

You're welcome!
I had seen the other comments of people saying that they couldn't get it to work in chrome, so I lent a hand.

You do not need an extension to enable flash, simply go to chrome://settings/content

Yeah I figured.
Thank you though!

For me it doesn't have "add" next to "allow"..... What do I do now?

I'd help you, but it just stopped working for me too...
I'll update the instructions when I fix it.

It looks like chrome is a little broken at the moment...
I haven't tried this, but you might need to install a plugin of some kind.

Just as I thought!
Chrome is being very difficult to the point that not even plugins can save this.
Maybe Firefox might work, but I don't usually use it, and I don't endorse the use of Internet explorer.

So, I tried firefox, and it failed to boot the game, and there doesn't seem to be any settings that allows me to change this.
The only browser that this game currently works with is Internet Explorer. If you're desperate for this, then maybe you should try it there.