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You need to look up body weights.... Emma at 110lbs wouldn't be chubby, that's around 8st/50ish kg or so. Or to put that in people sized terms, for someone at 5' 8" they'd be a UK size 8 waist.

Please check your install issues with the itch app.

If installed via the Itch client the game gets stuck on a blank white screen and waiting it out does not resolve it sadly.

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Not going to lie, this is pretty cool in and of itself.

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If you set a name and go through the intro after telling them to call you by it, I'm assuming that:

"Yes Mas-" She catches herself mid word, "Master."

Is an error and should use the first 3 letters of your name, as for the issue people have been mentioning with not being able to open it. I'd assume they are using the app, which doesn't support your html as is.

EDIT: You also need to proofread a little more or have it checked, there's typoes like:

"That was delicious, than you," (should be "thank you.")

In the supper and elsewhere.

v0.5.6a, Windows 10

There's a lot of errors with $himself and $him appearing in regards to slave gender. Also a minor thing but Maple doesn't actually have a portrait.

You do not need an extension to enable flash, simply go to chrome://settings/content

FYi even this updated version breaks the current public, likely as it updates the version to 0.5.4 for some reason.