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Good game. Resets too quickly to main title if you run out of time at least I assume I ran out of time? Boat moves too fast and accelerates too quickly. Liked the unusual gameplay and the fact you have to bounce shots to do different things. Had a good NES feel to it, liked the graphics - did you make them all?


The graphics was made by Joan and Leif-julian, all from scratch :-) 

We tried to apply the theme several times: throwback to Nes games, throwback to the viking era, story with throwback to a defenseless state, throwback bullets to enemies and even whirlpools that throwback the player to early stages of the level. 

The timeouts are too strict, I agree. I'll tune them better for after the game jam. For the boat acceleration on windy areas, I have an idea for making it feel better, also for after the game jam :-) 

Good, looking forward to trying it again in the future!

Ah! O forgot to mention that the game is best played with dual analog joysticks like Xbox, ps3 or the Android touchscreen. There you can regulate speed much better. 

Yes, that would probably work better, I was using a laptop plus mouse.