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That is is a fantastic game. Story, sound, art, levels everything was here to make me spend a good time !

A few tips:
- you should override the cursor with a texture to make it more visible, when playing it is pain to have to look after the cursor to rotate the shield
- you should make something about tutorial's timer (expand it or remove it maybe ?): I wanted to read all the story but had to redo it 3 times to be able to read all. Maybe I'm just read to slowly, ahah !

Level 2 really was difficult. I had to retry 7 times and I still have the worse score on it !


Thanks for the cheering comment! :-D

I added the timer quite late in the game and I obviously forgot to read to check if there was enough time to read the story :-p I'll add a todo note and fix it next week. 

About the cursors, you have a good point and I'll fix that as well: I ended up playtesting the game mainly in Android or with a ps3 gamepad and neglected the mouse/keyboard setup.