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I made all the items, but can't get farther than level 4. Anyone have a really good item combo to help? Not custom item, but instead a good set of items to use.


My favourite combo is Cactus + Terrarium + Motor! Don't forget you can use the stars you've earned to buy equipment from the store as well.

Thanks for the advice! I have two things I use and they're just the extra items and heart booster. My best set!


i use tempered sword+ fire lily+ ice spear or fishing net

I'll try but it's hard to obtain the sword for me :p

I usually go for lightbulb and paper early on for damage reasons then get to the tempered sword level which gives, well, a tempered sword and use the items I earned along the way to make an ice spear and an etherallis.

I'll try this!


use ice spear, fire lily, and any of the basic elements or gravel (as your movement item) and if you play well you should be able to beat it in under 5 minutes