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Yo is this still going on?

I found it funny that you called out the Chekhov's gun rule in the beginning.

Played pickleball in gym. Hopefully this game will be as good as the actual game.

Thank you for making the game. The gameplay is intense, but allows for breathers, as waiting is a main mechanic, so it all evens out. 10/10, hope to see more.

Completed hard mode first try, no deaths. Did it with normal too. I don't know how to show that with screenshots, cause the ending's the same.

Ok thank you

Vapor Trails community · Created a new topic Basement

I am on web, and am wondering how to get into Laurens basement, as the patch notes say I can get in. I've already got most of the stuff in the game, aside for 1 or 2 plasma.

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What is the DOT minigame? I haven't got it before and it just happened on a random playthrough.

Holding pieces makes me panic with key presses. That's why I don't do it lol.

After about 3 hours of grinding, I finally got a new score. The lava actually helped keep the bocks down.

Oh I didn't notice I beat the highscore! Nice!

After a lot of grinding, I got a score of 322, really fun game @herniforshort !

I like the new level,  and got the score of 39! It gets really fast really quick in the lava.

I wish I could play, but using a school mac air prevents playing downloaded games, but I think it's amazing either way!

Great game with fun graphics, and the pieces and fun to try and collect, but my only complaint is that when I click the take to website button, it just brings me to the same page.

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This game is great, and I will go over the parts of why it's great. It provides a unique movement system, which opens up a lot of puzzle opportunities. It provides a good flow of momentum, which can influence speedrunning or just having fun. This can be shown in the level that introduces the balls because I was able to drop down to the spikes and it allowed a quicker way to end the level. The graphics are detailed, but also simplistic, which allows for less eye strain, and being able to focus on the gameplay itself. Finally, the sound design is really great, and the gimmicks, aka the moving walls, falling spikes, and balls, which would give the game a 5/5. Another well make game from mmatt_ugh.

Edit: I speedran it, and got a time of 2 minutes and 37 seconds. Really fun game!

Really fun game, with really interesting puzzle mechanics! Can't wait for more!

Sebastian is my favorite video game character

Pretty good game, graphics are lacking, but the gameplay and physics are pretty fun.

Kraft & Slash; Any%, Custom Item Use, Glitched Speedrun. Time, 3 minutes, 15.69(nice)8.

What's the compendium?



I'll try but it's hard to obtain the sword for me :p

I'll try this!


Thanks for the advice! I have two things I use and they're just the extra items and heart booster. My best set!

I have Autism, so I'm wondering what this will  be like.

I made all the items, but can't get farther than level 4. Anyone have a really good item combo to help? Not custom item, but instead a good set of items to use.

Hey, so turns out like a minute after I made that comment, I was talking about the fridge, which I crafted, sorry for the bother!


What is the thing in the bottom left of the crafting menu? I don't know what it is or how to get it.


Plasma + Stick= Close enough to lightsaber.

Bullet Canister is OP man. Since reloading is turned off, even when it says the bullet canister is empty, I still shoot when using something like the burst triggers. So, if I were to take 5 burst and combine it with quad shot, it quickly becomes insanely overpowered. Now, take this and combine it with faster fire rate, and it becomes better. But drunken mag and grip make this better because it adds to the shot count. And finally, add the bullets that follow your curser as well as accuracy upgrades, if you switch them out for the drunken mag and grip, you can just hold your mouse in the middle of the screen and keep shooting, letting the bullets fill one area, and when it's enough, use them all to insta kill a boss. It may be less practical, but is more cool.

Idea for new weapon type: Scope

Purpose: Some could have accuracy increases, or some could allow bullets to move towards enemies, (or my personal favorite,) there could be a kind where the scope would allow you to see where an enemies attacks are gonna go or where the enemy will move, (would be very helpful for the magician boss.)

New weapon idea: 

Weapon Type: Bullet

Name: Loose Change

How it works: Get more money for killing enemies, have max coin count increased (from 100 to 200 or 150), and use money as bullets. They do slightly more damage and the gun doesn't need to reload.

(Just an idea)

I LOVE this game. Even playing on browser is super fun. I love all the different combinations. Currently trying to have every of one kind of item.

Cool! Thanks for letting me know! : )