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Audrey 馃槉

A member registered Feb 25, 2021

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they have

: D

ok  ill try

me confused I hit run toaster ball and nothing happed I sat here for a good 5 mins reading comments but no toasters or balls T^T

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no promblem


run dumb egg game XD I can already tell this is a good game

if we go by evolution scientifically the egg came first. it was laid and nurse by something that wasn't a chicken, the chicken used to be a dinosaur of some sort but through years and years of evolution it became what we call today as a chicken or its scientific name, Gallus gallus domesticus

that's a possibility

well, i like how your games connect to each other so I hope you make more like that. love your stuff 

awwww thats sad well i hope something happenes so you can do more, well good luck on your future projects I love ur 3 games so far :)


rock + wood = dirt

rock + water or wind = sand

sand + water = clay

clay + dirt = plant pot

plant pot + water = flower

yes there working on more but it takes time to code, adds, and find out how to fix the bugs

no problem happy to help


for me, it hurts these are the games the sit staring at it for an hour just to see the stupid stuff right in front of me

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ok, I got all of them beside the one in the bottom right cornor but like HOW... am I just stupid

im super confused on 10 WERE DO I START

it takes a little time for the creators to be sure that the game is perfect and bug free

add dirt is your hint

so i can zoom out enough to see the whole screen but the smaller text gets hard to see


stone+water or stone+wind

seems like no one has commented in the past year let me give dis game a try

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what is this

ana the game also loads so much fatser

this game has grow and become so much more popular since I started playing this is amazing

k thanks :) i see now thanks for your help

idk what to do and how things line up


YAY ive been plaing this game for like 3 weeks and my brother ask if he could play together and i said not really because we share the same money so like i thought of asking you for a 2player optoin

no problem :)

idk how to craft it because I got it from the level with all the loot but its funny

when you make cars do backflips into a parking garage you know you did your job right 馃槍

I just used the cactus for the first time XD cactus go staby staby

i use tempered sword+ fire lily+ ice spear or fishing net


DualForce Idle communityCreated a new topic random idea

I think you should make a 2 play option like the monster gets money every time they do a loop and turret get money from killing them and they have separate money piles ik that would be very hard to put into the game its just something I would like to see and a random idea 

most weapons in the game push you backward because your in a shopping cart but if you use something like a stick or sword those moves you forwards

I like throwing it at people to yell "get RC cared!"

it made my computer go frame by frame XD there's just too many things on the screen at once