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Very nicely done! Congrats for finishing the jam with such a polished game with lovely mechanics. There sure are many old boots in the ocean!

Thanks!! 💜 You didn't do this LD?


No, I'm in the middle of a different jam, OSTJam Vol. 2, right now. I usually avoid LD unless there's a theme I especially like. I prefer more cozy jams, jams that do something different than the mainstream, and also jams with nice prizes. With LD, I find that it's just too big, there are too many games to play, and I've already done a bunch of LDs previously and am kind of bored with the LD experience. But I do love seeing what my friends make in LD and other game jams! I'm glad to see you experimenting with different styles and mechanics!


Fair enough! I only really jam to get a break from other stuff and need the deadline to get anything done so the regularity of LD works well for me. c: